Pant-y-berllan (cottage), Llywel, Breconshire

Gramps ID P0127
Latitude 51°59′05.01″N
Longitude 003°42′43.24″W
County Breconshire
Alternate Names Language Date range in which the name is valid.
(Orchard hollow)



At Ty Uchaf take the lane to the right, and then after 150 m take another lane on the right, and then after 150 m you may find some ruins on the right under trees.

Place Map


  1. Mary Williams [I0128]
  2. Safaira Jones [I0112]
  3. Anne/Ann Jones [I0059]
  4. Elizabeth Jones [I0098]
  5. Caleb Jones [I0111]
  6. Elizabeth Jones [I0113]
  7. William Jones [I0355]
  8. Jonah Rees Davies [I0041]
  9. Joshua/Joshuah Jones [I0097]
  10. Joshuah Jones [I0110]
  11. Mary Jones [I0114]
  12. Family of Joshua/Joshuah Jones and Elizabeth Jones
    1. Elizabeth Jones [I0098]
    2. Joshua/Joshuah Jones [I0097]