Kelly’s Directory of Liverpool & Birkenhead 1894

Gramps ID S0129


    1. William Reid [I0204]
    2. Speculative. He's presumably no longer involved, but my guess is that his family is Reid William & Co, 2 India Buildings, 11 Water Street in the directory.
      1. William Reid (Primary) [I0204]
  1. Vol 2 Birkenhead
    1. Agent/warehouseman for John Thompson of Belfast, presumably the animal feed miller, perhaps family of his father-in-law Joseph Thompson, who was born in Ireland.
      1. Thomas Jones/ApSimon (Primary) [I0008]
    2. Thomas Jones/ApSimon [I0008]
  2. Vol 2 Birkenhead
    1. William Reid [I0204]
    2. Residence, William Reid
      1. William Reid (Primary) [I0204]
  3. Vol 1
    1. Thomas Jones/ApSimon [I0008]
    2. Very small compared to Willow Hall. 1893 Liverpool Mercury ad for an iron chapel is marvellous.
      1. Anna Elizabeth Thompson (Primary) [I0011]
      2. Thomas Jones/ApSimon (Primary) [I0008]
    3. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]
  4. Vol 2
    1. John William Strong Reid [I0217]
    2. I guess he is the "Reid William, jun." living nextdoor to the address confirmed for his father.
      1. John William Strong Reid (Primary) [I0217]