The Headingley Gallimaufrians

A non-contesting community brass band of the weird and wonderful.

Headingley Gallimaufrians playing <a href=''>medieval polychoral music</a> on the roof of Leeds Town Hall.

Headingley Gallimaufrians playing medieval polychoral music on the roof of Leeds Town Hall. Image: DALLĀ·E 2.

  • Vision/goals: provide members with an opportunity for non-formulaic musical expression/growth – heart (less of the soulless modern addiction to power, speed and mediocre music; more passion and lyricism) and head (intellectually challenging – music not performed by brass before); give local/national/international audiences memorable performance experiences with high quality brass band music in an eclectic range of musical styles; foster and promote brass band music; assist in the music education of young people.
  • MD: some musical background, and a testimonial from Justin Thurgur (06:03):
  • Repertoire: thematic projects based on MD arrangements (samples). Some things I’m interested in: The Wild East (Soviet era East German/Czech/Russian film music, American delights like a concerto for Mississippi steamer and band…); Yorkshire music (particularly musical dramas e.g. new versions of The Dragon of Wantley and unknown masterpieces Scarborough Nights and The Nymphs of the River Tees); Punjabi-/Pashto music, home & away; some of the crazier late/post-Romantic European repertoire (Prokofiev, Richard Strauss, Mahler, Franz Schreker, Kurt Weill…); the Leeds Alps (environmental music, from Josquin des Prez to alphorns on Woodhouse Ridge/Otley Chevin); Italian (neo-)realism – Puccini to Fellini; Public Transports of Delight; American avant-garde pop-rock
  • Partnerships: for artistic reasons, as well as to increase social interest and impact, with similarly-minded musicians and entertainers using other media, both in the local community and elsewhere. Tours abroad? I’ve got excellent contacts with bands in amongst others the Netherlands (here’s an initial tour option) and Spain.
  • Needs: 28 (amateur) musicians, administrative leadership, constitution/rules, incorporation/charitable status, sponsors, instruments, rehearsal space.
  • Contact.

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