Parkside House, 107 Liscard Road, Egremont, Wallasey, Wirral, Cheshire

Gramps ID P0006
Latitude 53.415985
Longitude -3.0312921
County Cheshire
Enclosed By
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Liscard Road appears to have been renumbered. The sign on the door of the house in the photo, on Liscard Road at the end of Parkside, says Parkside House, but 107 currently points to an off licence, News & Booze, in the Edwardian retail development a few yards further south. AMA: Looking at the Liscard road fa├žade, bottom right is the dining room, bottom left the surgery waiting room, top left parents' bedroom, top right the drawing room, in between them a funny alcove where Nancy may have had her piano. All the accommodation on the left, in the L-piece heading down Parkside, was surgery space.

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