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Number Author Name
1 1841/06/06 UK Census [S0025]
2 1851/03/30 UK Census [S0026]
3 1856 Cornwall Post Office Directory [S0191]
4 1861/04/07 UK Census [S0022]
5 1871/04/02 UK Census [S0024]
6 1881/04/03 UK Census [S0007]
7 1891/04/05 UK Census [S0041]
8 1901/03/31 UK Census [S0044]
9 1911/04/02 UK Census [S0033]
10 1939 England and Wales Register [S0005]
11 Roger Brooks A Fertile Valley From the slopes of Trum Nant-fach, and close by the county boundary, the gentle green Ceirw Valley leads away to Cerrigydrudion village. [S0114]
12 Joseph Spence Hodgson A history of Penketh school, 1834-1907, with the addition of a list of teachers and officers, and a list of scholars [S0187]
13 Thomas Trevor ApSimon A Welsh Story [S0112]
14 Ion Trewin Alan Clark: The Biography [S0016]
15 AMA AMA_YR_by_YR [S0084]
16 Arthur Massey ApSimon AMA-JGAD.wpd [S0235]
17 [S0069]
18 AMA APS_DB [S0095]
19 AMA ApSimon boys names [S0021]
20 ApSimon family album [S0091]
21 SPCK ApSimon family bible [S0045]
22 AMA ApSimon_family_furniture [S0188]
23 Army Roll Of Honour 1939-1945 [S0054]
24 Baner ac Amserau Cymru [S0062]
25 Belfast Telegraph [S0230]
26 Patrick Steen Biographical Notes of the Steen Family Tree of Ascendants, 13 Jan 2011 [S0009]
27 Bye-gones, relating to Wales and the border counties. [S0061]
28 Cardiff Times [S0169]
29 Carmarthen Journal & South Wales Weekly Advertiser [S0170]
30 Owen Morgan Edwards Cartrefi Cymru [S0107]
31 Catalog of Copyright Entries. Part 1. [A] Group 1. Books. New Series [S0012]
32 Cheshire Parish Registers [S0167]
33 Owen Edwards Clych adgof [S0101]
34 CMT/WHT CMT tree [S0189]
35 Robert Thomas Cofiant a Thraethodau Duwinyddol y Parch. R. Thomas, (Ap Vychan), Bala [S0104]
36 Rev. Michael Jones of Bagillt Cofiant y Parch. John Jones, Pen-y-Bryn, Gwrecsam [S0127]
37 Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales Coflein [S0102]
38 Collection of LAD [S0211]
39 Commonwealth War Graves Commission Debt Of Honour [S0056]
40 Cornwall OPC Database [S0083]
41 Cowtan family tree [S0233]
42 Cronicl y cymdeithasau crefyddol [S0098]
43 David Simon David Simon : will, 1776 [S0074]
44 Times Group Diamond couple [S0234]
45 Dictionary of National Biography [S0196]
46 Dictionary of Welsh Biography [S0060]
47 AMA DOC_FAMH [S0115]
48 Dorset Parish Registers [S0227]
49 Duggleby Stephenson of York auction site [S0208]
50 Electoral Register 1895 [S0153]
51 Electoral Register 1896 [S0151]
52 Electoral Register 1897 [S0149]
53 Electoral Register 1898 [S0152]
54 Electoral Register 1900 [S0154]
55 Electoral Register 1903 [S0156]
56 Electoral Register 1905 [S0225]
57 Electoral Register 1906 [S0150]
58 Electoral Register 1907 [S0155]
59 Electoral Register 1918 [S0050]
60 Electoral Register 1920 [S0048]
61 Electoral Register 1926 [S0049]
62 Electoral Register 1930 [S0051]
63 Electoral Register [S0075]
64 Electoral Register [S0078]
65 England & Wales Births [S0055]
66 England & Wales Deaths [S0053]
67 England & Wales Marriages [S0047]
68 England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations) [S0011]
69 FamilySearch England Births and Christenings [S0177]
70 Estyn ApSimon Estyn Apsimon letters 1955 [S0015]
71 [S0198]
72 Herbert Maruska Flickr [S0094]
73 Jan Fortis Family Tree [S0222]
74 Friern Barnet Local History Society [S0163]
75 Friern Barnet Photo Archive [S0184]
76 James Canton From Cairo to Baghdad: British Travellers in Arabia [S0013]
77 Dawn Chambers Genealogical and Historical Research Data [S0190]
78 Geneanet [S0193]
79 Geni user [S0192]
80 GENUKI [S0103]
81 Glasgow Medical Journal [S0168]
82 Gore's Directory of Liverpool & Birkenhead [S0130]
83 Grace's Guide [S0194]
84 O.M. Edwards Gwaith Ap Vychan [S0113]
85 Gomer Morgan Roberts Gweithiau William Williams, Pantycelyn [S0145]
86 Gwynedd Council [S0135]
87 Les Hender Family Tree [S0221]
88 Henry & Thos. Rodgers Sheff & Roth Directory [S0143]
89 Historic England [S0076]
90 HTA HTA family tree [S0028]
91 [S0043]
92 Imperial War Museum [S0158]
93 Jim Rowe's tree [S0157]
94 AMA JJ&ETREE [S0027]
95 John David Simon : bond, 1805 [S0072]
97 AMA Jones_ApSimon_Family_Tree_4 [S0036]
100 Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps [S0057]
101 JRD probate [S0066]
102 Kelly's Cheshire Directory [S0085]
103 Kelly's Directory of Liverpool & Birkenhead 1894 [S0129]
104 L'Univers [S0223]
105 La Justice [S0226]
106 LAD LAD on the Davies, Whitesides & ApSimons [S0204]
107 [S0031]
108 Law Notes [S0162]
109 Nancy Letter to Jean [S0216]
110 Life and Times of Joyce Hinshelwood [S0185]
111 Llanfawr Vol 3 Baptisms & Burials 1797-1812 Marriages 1754-1812 [S0001]
112 AMA/PAA LLANGRAV - Llanuwchllyn graves, including the Simon Jones obelisk [S0125]
113 Llanuwchllyn Vol 4 Marriages 1754-1837 [S0002]
114 London, England, Church of England Births and Baptisms [S0079]
115 London, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1932 [S0006]
116 AMA LTR&DOCS [S0070]
117 Margaret Thatcher Foundation [S0164]
119 Maurice's family history [S0228]
120 ATA Mediterranean letters [S0068]
121 MyHeritage [S0106]
122 AMA NAMEBASE [S0019]
123 National Archives [S0161]
124 New World [S0004]
125 New York Births and Christenings [S0139]
126 New York City Directory [S0116]
127 Mathew Dripps New York City map [S0093]
128 New York City Marriage Records [S0141]
129 New York Herald [S0108]
130 New York Marriages [S0140]
131 New York Passenger & Crew Lists [S0171]
132 New York State Census, 1855 [S0142]
133 New York Times [S0090]
134 AMA NEWTREE [S0038]
135 NIA letters/family postcards in tin trunk [S0148]
136 Northamptonshire, England, Church of England Baptisms [S0080]
137 Northamptonshire, England, Church of England Marriages, [S0081]
138 Notable Welshmen (1700-1900) [S0063]
139 PAA letters [S0008]
140 Pam Buttrey [S0037]
141 House of Commons Parliamentary Papers [S0207]
142 Pigot's Directory [S0138]
143 Plan of Liverpool – South Sheet (1890) [S0040]
144 PAA/AMA Plas-y-Deon_MS_Simon_Lon_Simon_Morgan [S0123]
145 Post Office London County Suburbs Directory [S0133]
146 Qtr Sessions records [S0000]
147 Rebecca Massey birth certificate [S0046]
148 Rhonda Tangey [S0199]
149 University of Liverpool Roll of service, August, 1914 to November, 1918 [S0186]
150 Royal Cornwall Gazette [S0197]
151 Scottish-Built Ships [S0209]
152 Simon Jones obelisk, Llanuwchllyn churchyard, near NE corner of chancel [S0124]
153 Simon Jones obit in Y dysgedydd crefyddol [S0128]
154 TGEA Sister Mary and the bird [S0126]
155 Slater's Directory of North & South Wales [S0132]
156 Tate [S0202]
157 TGEA TGEA < AMA [S0039]
158 TGEA TGEA < HTA [S0065]
159 TGEA < PAA [S0229]
160 TGEA TGEA press clippings [S0014]
161 L.G. Pine The Author's & Writer's Who's Who & Reference Guide [S0029]
162 Robert Thomas (Ap Vychan), translated by Trevor ApSimon The Autobiography of Robert Thomas, Known As Ap Vychan [S0122]
163 The British Friend [S0195]
164 The Edmonds Family Forest [S0201]
165 The Galloway Advertiser and Wigtownshire Free Press [S0206]
166 The Hospital [S0136]
167 The Iron Manufacturer's Guide to the Furnaces, Forges and Rolling Mills of the United States [S0110]
168 The London Gazette [S0099]
169 The Missouri State Gazetteer and Business Directory [S0111]
170 The Monthly tidings a record of Christian work among the Calvinistic Methodists or Presbyterians [S0067]
171 The Religious census of 1851 [S0212]
172 The Spectator [S0030]
173 The Trow City Directory Co.'s, Formerly Wilson's, Copartnership and Corporation Directory of New York City [S0109]
174 Les Thomas Family Tree [S0220]
175 Thomas Jones Thomas Jones : bond, 1812 [S0073]
176 AMA Thomas Trevor ApSimon obituary [S0147]
177 Thomas Trevor ApSimon: Commission [S0052]
178 HTA Thompson family tree [S0117]
179 Transactions of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodorion [S0088]
180 The Liverpool Nautical Research Society Transactions of the Liverpool Nautical Research Society [S0205]
181 Transactions of the Liverpool Welsh National Society [S0064]
182 Thomas Trevor ApSimon TTA letters [S0089]
183 AMA TTA's Notes re Estyn [S0003]
184 UK City and County Directories [S0077]
185 United States Census 1880 [S0210]
186 University of Glasgow [S0134]
187 Jan Walker Family Tree [S0224]
188 White's Directory of Bradford, Halifax... [S0131]
189 WHT funeral order of service [S0034]
190 Wikimapia [S0118]
191 Wikimedia Commons [S0097]
192 Wikipedia [S0144]
193 Will of David Simon of Lôn (NLW) < AMA < Pam Buttrey [S0018]
194 Andrew Pares William H. Tangye - a tribute [S0232]
195 Fred Jones William Henry Tangye JP FRICS - a tribute [S0231]
196 William Williams Pantycelyn family tree [S0146]
197 William, Amelia * 2 tombstone [S0082]
198 Y Brython [S0096]
199 Y Cenhadwr americanaidd [S0100]
200 Y Clorianydd [S0087]
201 Y Cymro (The Welshman) [S0086]
202 Yvonne Morgan [S0200]