D.H. Carter 1

Birth Name D.H. Carter
Gramps ID I0146
Gender male
Age at Death 37 years


AMA's copy of the History of the 89th Brigade (Liverpudlian Pals, disbanded spring 1918 after 3 years of terrible losses) has inside "With love from Ivy Xmas 1919" with at the bottom of the page in the same hand(?) A.O(?) Carter. I guess these are family of D.H. Carter, but how did TTA acquire the book?


Event Date Place Description Sources
Occupation [E0302]     Doctor 2
Birth [E0300] 1842      
Death [E0301] 1879      

Family Map

Family Map


    1. D.H. Carter
      1. Maria Jeannette Thompson [I0138]