Jim Rowe’s tree

Gramps ID S0157
Publication information https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/2:2:3JP3-M76


    1. George Maslen [I0442]
    2. Family of George Maslen and Diana Usher [F0163]
    3. Death, Edgar Gladstone Cowtan [E0159]
    4. Selina Maslen [I0448]
    5. Birth, Elizabeth Caroline Chard [E1038]
    6. Elizabeth Caroline Chard [I0440]
    7. Marriage, Family of William Henry Chard and Elizabeth Maslen [E1043]
    8. Jim suggests Devizes. [E1049]
    9. Laura Eliza Chard [I0082]
    10. Charles Edgar Cowtan [I0085]
    11. Death, Violet May Chard [E1044]
    12. Exact date is from Jim Rowe. A William James Chard is also born in Pancras on 17 Oct 1856. [E1029]
    13. Birth, Joseph Maslen [E1063]
    14. Death, William Francis Chard [E1047]
    15. Death, Joseph Maslen [E1064]
    16. Death, Mary Bell [E1066]
    17. Elizabeth Maslen [I0221]
    18. Death, Elizabeth Maslen [E1042]
    19. IWM gives 26 July 1891. Lied about age on enlisting? [E1032]
    20. Death, Selina Maslen [E1060]
    21. William Francis Chard [I0438]
    22. Birth, Henry Maslen [E1057]
    23. Birth, Selina Maslen [E1059]
    24. Birth, Hannah Maslen [E1055]
    25. Death, Hannah Maslen [E1056]
    26. Jim says Barnet. I guess the census says Finchley. Same difference. [E0164]
    27. Diana Usher [I0443]
    28. Birth, Sarah Ann Pichard Maslen [E1053]
    29. Mary Bell [I0452]
    30. Labourer. [E1068]
    31. Hannah Maslen [I0446]
    32. Sarah Ann Pichard Maslen [I0445]
    33. 1901 census says 1880-1, 1880 from some family tree, Jim gives exact date. [E0160]
    34. Francis Edward Cowtan [I0084]
    35. Death, Elizabeth Caroline Chard [E1046]
    36. Death, Henry Robert Chard [E1045]
    37. Jim gives date and address. [E0166]
    38. Month is Jim Rowe. Deaths says William H Chard Q4. [E1041]
    39. Birth, Henry Robert Chard [E1034]
    40. Violet May Chard [I0441]
    41. Henry Maslen [I0447]
    42. Death, William Usher [E1069]
    43. Edgar Gladstone Cowtan [I0080]
    44. William Usher [I0453]
    45. Jim suggests Devizes or London. [E1048]
    46. William Henry Chard [I0220]
    47. Jim's hypothesis. [E1050]
    48. Jim says July 1993 Maidstone. [E0165]
    49. Death, Henry Maslen [E1058]
    50. Birth, Mary Bell [E1065]
    51. Marylebone in 1901 census. [E0161]
    52. Death, Sarah Ann Pichard Maslen [E1054]
    53. Joseph Maslen [I0451]
    54. Henry Robert Chard [I0439]