Elizabeth (Massey)

Birth Name Elizabeth (Massey)
Gramps ID I0049
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0337] about 1801     1
Occupation [E0340] 1841 Poulton, Warrington, Cheshire Agricultural labourer. 1
Residence [E0341] 1841 Paddington Place, Poulton, Warrington, Cheshire   1


Family of Thomas Massey/Massie and Elizabeth (Massey) [F0014]

Married Husband Thomas Massey/Massie [I0048] ( * estimated 1807 + before 1858 )
Name Birth Date Death Date
John Massey [I0051]
Mary Massey [I0173]1826
David Massey [I0050]about 183024/9/1885
George Massey [I0044]about 18361/11/1905