Gramps ID S0070
Author AMA


    1. Executor of brother Thomas Jones in 1812 so surely at least 21, and probably much more. [E0481]
    2. Executor of Thomas Jones d.1812, bond says paternal uncle of Thomas' children. [E0480]
    3. Residence, Grace Jones [E0489]
    4. Residence, Ellinor/Elinor Jones [E0488]
    5. Residence, John Jones [E0487]
    6. Account for Years tuition and board for Miss Ellin Jones from Mr John Parry, Chester, July 28, 1820. [E0473]
    7. Grace Jones [I0010]
    8. May have been there before August 1823 and after September 1825. AMA: [E0486]
    9. Bond appointing his brother John and Catherine's brother Hugh trustees of estate during minority of kids. Estate value: [E0472]
    10. Apprenticed to Gabriel Davies, shopkeeper, Bala 1819-22, release signed, but letter shows that continued working (unenthusiastically) for Davies till 1823. [E0475]
    11. Humphrey Jones [I0095]
    12. See also funeral ale etc bills in LTR&DOCS. [E0223]
    13. Executor of Thomas Jones d.1812, bond says maternal uncle of Thomas' children. [E0479]
    14. Death, Grace Jones [E0018]
    15. Ellinor/Elinor Jones [I0096]
    16. Burial, Grace Jones [E0211]
    17. Hugh Jones [I0164]
    18. "Receipt for Board & Schooling for Miss Grace Jones, Mr John Parry, Chester, 13 June, 1821. " No academy of that name in Pigot's Directory for Cheshire, surely the Calvinistic Methodist minister, man of letters, and editor (1775 - 1846): ex-draper, author of "Rhodd Mam, a little book published in 1811, which for over a century remained the primer of systematic religious instruction for Welsh Calvinistic Methodist children" [E0474]
    19. John Jones [I0163]
    20. Thomas Jones [I0093]