The Monthly tidings a record of Christian work among the Calvinistic Methodists or Presbyterians

Gramps ID S0067


  1. Vol. III No. 7 - July 1887
    1. Thomas Jones/ApSimon [I0008]
    2. Joseph Henry ApSimon [I0012]
    3. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    4. Start date established in the Monthly Tidings article, recording the Catharine St. Presbyterian Church's thanks to Thomas for almost 20 years service. 1891 census gives Willow Hall Lane - if in another house here, that may explain the discordance re address.
      1. Joseph Henry ApSimon (Primary) [I0012]
      2. Estyn Douglas ApSimon (Primary) [I0015]
      3. Anna Elizabeth Thompson (Primary) [I0011]
      4. Thomas Trevor ApSimon (Primary) [I0007]
      5. Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon (Primary) [I0014]
      6. Thomas Jones/ApSimon (Primary) [I0008]
    5. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    6. Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon [I0014]
    7. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]