Now then! A Yorkshire Almanac for 2022

Yorkshire on this day, comprising (now!) modern events in heaven and on earth, and (then!) 340 entries (221,042 words) of tagged, customisable historical data relating to the last 6,000 years, quoted from 548 more-or-less contemporaneous accounts. Brought to you free by Leeds’s Singing Organ-Grinder and benefactors. In progress - 2023 beta printed edition for sale late 2022. Musical presentations with street organ!


I’ve done a lot of Yorkshire bedtime reading since we moved to Leeds from London in April 2021. This site attempts to make some of that accessible to others, partly in the hope that some of those others will become friends in our new home. For example, if you know of an interesting (brass) band in search of a musical director, do get in touch! Here’s some musical background, and here’s a moving testimonial from Justin Thurgur (06:03):

Banding things I’m interested in: moving away from the soulless modern addiction to power and speed towards an emphasis on lyricism; writing material to broaden the repertoire (I particularly fancy some of the purpler Late Romantic stuff); collaborating with other musicians and entertainers (singers, even G&S, pianists, actors), again using custom arrangements, to increase social impact and interest.

Here are some of my recent brass band arrangements:




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