Now! Then! The Yorkshire Almanac for 2024, Year of the Sheep, by The Singing Organ-Grinder (paperback)


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Now! Then! The Yorkshire Almanac for 2024, Year of the Sheep is a book-length calendar portraying Yorkshire on this day. Now! lists modern happenings in the heavens and on earth. Then! consists of daily historical serendipities: from the creation of the Yorkshireman (and, after a brief pause, -woman) by the Archbishop of Armagh on Friday, October 28th, 4004 B.C. at around tea-time; to a terrible memory which assails the Singing Organ-Grinder on April 9th, 2021, on the M62 at Hartshead Moor Services, as he makes his way in a removal van from Hackney to his new home in Headingley; and including the recollections and writings of paupers and princes, clerics and politicians, scientists and inventors, artists and writers, soldiers and prisoners, natives and foreigners, and so on and so forth, their common theme being Yorkshire. Based on the website.

Sample drafts: cover to the left (24/3/23), sample page (4/4/23), table of contents (4/4/23), bibliography (4/4/23).

I’m offering a discount on preorders of the paperback version until published, which will be on or before November 1st, 2023. At that point, copies will be mailed to you, or, if you live in the LS1, LS2, LS3, LS4, LS5, LS6, LS7, LS8 or LS13 postcodes, will be delivered to you on foot by the almanacker.

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What’s this Year of the Sheep thing? Each month in the book begins with general meteorological data, leading to mediaeval recommendations as to what you might do, and thence to advice re application to sheep and shepherds and so forth.

Statistics for the printed version are still approximate, the ISBN still to be assigned.

Now book The Singing Organ-Grinder to perform (together with a gorilla) an instructive and amusing musical programme containing great tunes and great doggerel relating to the idea of Yorkshireness, taking you from the mythical beginnings of Yorkshire, via Viking berserkers, Civil War beer excesses, encounters with Robin Hood (in Yorkshire, obviously) and the Grand Old Duke of Pork, the Dragon of Wantley, an 18th century steelworker-turned-poacher, 19th century caricatures and serious inventions of Yorkshire character, fairs and fun, 20th century advertising songs, machine music about industrial decline, to a new song about the physical and philosophical nature of Leeds’s ginnels!

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