Family of Edward Tangye and Anne Cowlin


Married Husband Edward Tangye [I0620] ( * 1834 + 1909 )
Married Wife Anne Cowlin [I0630] ( * + ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage [E1795] 1867     1
Name Birth Date Death Date
Ernest William Tangye [I0887]18681950
Alfred Tangye [I0888]18701900
Helena Annie Tangye [I0889]18711962
Hilda Tangye [I0894]18721911
Ethel Leonora Tangye [I0890]18721958
Florence Tangye [I0891]18751961
Eveline Tangye [I0892]18761949
Claude Edward Tangye [I0893]18771952
Clarence Tangye [I0895]18801944
Walter Tangye [I0896]18821957
Reginald Tangye [I0897]18831933
Lancelot Tangye [I0901]18861918

Source References

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