1911/04/02 UK Census

Gramps ID S0033


    1. Herbert Middleton Bradford Head Male 38 Suffolk, County Clare Emma Jane Bradford Wife Female 44 Brixton S W Florence Mabel Bradford Daughter Female 12 Camberwell, London Doris Marie Bradford Daughter Female 7 Camberwell, London Marjorie Ethel Bradford Daughter Female 6 Camberwell, London Jane Coldwell Mother-in-law Female 73 St Pancras, London Edward Kendal Boarder Male 57 Gloucester, Gloucestershire [E2163]
    2. Marjorie Ethel Bradford [I1358]
    3. Jane (Coldwell) [I1460]
    4. Herbert Middleton Bradford [I1456]
    5. Emma Jane Coldwell [I1457]
    1. Birth, Emma Jane Coldwell [E2159]
    2. Emma Jane Coldwell [I1457]
    1. Birth, Herbert Middleton Bradford [E2158]
    2. Herbert Middleton Bradford [I1456]
    1. Birth, Jane (Coldwell) [E2162]
    2. Jane (Coldwell) [I1460]
    1. In 1911 she's a widow living with Francis Abraham Cowtan and Mary Cowtan in London, so perhaps Frank's sister-in-law. [E0999]
    2. Market gardener. Living with parents. [E0938]
    3. David Jones/Ap Simon/ApSimon [I0021]
    4. Laura Eliza Chard [I0082]
    5. 1911 census says lasted 8 years, I think. [E0733]
    6. William Henry Tangye [I0081]
    7. Residence, Family of Alexander Reid and Mary Celia Marples [E0508]
    8. David James Vivash [I0478]
    9. Labourer. [E1143]
    10. 1911: head of house, employed (elsewhere) as housekeeper, born Aberdare 1871-2, only child of Elizabeth Williams. [E0729]
    11. David Rowlands [I0169]
    12. 1911 census says 17 full years of marriage (1893/4), but Marriages shows 3rd quarter 1895 Warwick cross-referencing with Anna Catherina Lejeune. [E0562]
    13. 1911 David James Vivash head 29 born Tottenham, Ellen wife 32 St Pancras, David Henry son 6 Tottenham, Cissie Ellen daughter 4 Tottenham, Ivy Lilian daughter 2 Tottenham, Dorothy Gladys daughter 0 Tottenham, Ellen Vivash cousin 25 Tottenham. [E1136]
    14. Mary Williams [I0128]
    15. Home furnisher. [E0561]
    16. ? Williams [I0348]
    17. See also https://www.myheritage.com/names/david_rowlands. [E0802]
    18. Residence, George Rhys Davies [E1072]
    19. Residence, Elizabeth Jones [E0803]
    20. 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911: Aberdare 1871/2. JJ&ETREE says 1871/2, but father is dead by 1871. [E0275]
    21. William Henry Tangye [I0223]
    22. Joseph Henry ApSimon [I0012]
    23. Albert Matthews [I0177]
    24. Physician/surgeon. Living with Margaret Cupit, housekeeper, 54 from Alfreton, Derbyshire. [E0937]
    25. Birth, Emrys ApSimon [E1205]
    26. William Reid [I0201]
    27. Francis Abraham Cowtan [I0222]
    28. Antoinette/Anna Catherina/Anna Christine/Anne Catherine/Ann Catherine Lejeune [I0229]
    29. Assistant in wholesale official warehouse. [E1031]
    30. William Henry Tangye [I0003]
    31. Registered Q3. [E1137]
    32. Marjorie Olive Tangye [I0088]
    33. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    34. William Henry 30, Maud Ethel 27, William Henry 4, Marjorie Olive 0, Violet Winifred Merrill assistant 18. [E1187]
    35. Maud Ethel/Ethel Maude Waitwell/Whitwell [I0089]
    36. Registered Q2. [E1188]
    37. Mary Celia Marples [I0199]
    38. Mary Harrison??? [I0419]
    39. Registered Q2 1864 as William Thomas Simon, though Deaths suggests 1862-3 and there is a William Simon registered in 1863. ApSimon comes in the 1901 and 1911 censuses. There was idle speculation that he was a son of Simon Jones Bala by Jane Rowlands while Grace was still alive, but no even vaguely circumstantial evidence. [E1202]
    40. David Henry Vivash [I0475]
    41. Elizabeth Maslen [I0221]
    42. Also described as Fulham SW6. A surgeon-dentist called Arthur Pusey was living at 221. [E0788]
    43. Residence, George Massey [E0074]
    44. Insurance clerk. [E0509]
    45. Albert Matthews, wife Margaret Ellen, boarder Jesse James Flood, optician from London. [E1120]
    46. Birth, Frances/Francis (ApSimon) [E1203]
    47. Alexander Reid [I0200]
    48. Emrys ApSimon [I0513]
    49. Wood carver. [E0528]
    50. Residence, Family of Jonah Rees Davies and Isabella Massey [E0450]
    51. Birth, Janet Reid [E0416]
    52. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    53. 1911: born 1837/8 Llanfair. Mother of head of house Mary Williams, her only child. [E0732]
    54. 1901/1911 give 1837/8. 1851 gives 1836/7. [E0256]
    55. Draper shopkeeper. [E1119]
    56. Henry Robert Chard [I0439]
    57. Elizabeth Jones [I0356]
    58. Solicitor. Living with parents. [E0939]
    59. Registered Q2. [E1204]
    60. Charles Edgar Cowtan [I0085]
    61. Schoolteacher. [E1082]
    62. Ellen Linsell [I0479]
    63. Death, Mary Williams [E0730]
    64. Tinplate worker and glazier. [E0804]
    65. William Francis Chard [I0438]
    66. Births gives Q2 registration, Deaths exact date, Edmonton is registration district but Tottenham given in 1911. [E1132]
    67. 51 in the 1911 census. [E0997]
    68. Married to WHT1, not WHT2. 1901 suggests 1867-8, 1911 1865-6. Deaths suggests 1866/7. May not have been born in Antwerp but simply resident there before coming to UK. [E0556]
    69. Emily Ann Treloar Davies [I0224]
    70. Eliza (Cowtan) [I0420]
    71. In the 1901 census Margaret is visiting Albert. Parish register: Albert is widower, father's name John Matthews, spouse Margaret Ellen Jones single, father's name Robert Jones. [E1118]
    72. George Massey [I0043]
    73. Birth, Alexander Reid [E0413]
    74. Isabella Massey [I0042]
    75. Elementary school teacher, employed by the borough council. [E1073]
    76. Margaret Ellen Jones [I0469]
    77. Birth, George Massey [E0070]
    78. Registered Q4. [E1142]
    79. WHT is married to Antoinette from Antwerp in 1893-4 according to 1911 census. tbennett54 says 4th quarter 1893. [E0555]
    80. Hannah Margaretta Elizabeth Griffiths [I0022]
    81. Idris ApSimon [I0514]
    82. Gwilym/Gurlyn/William ApSimon [I0512]
    83. Assisting in business. [E0805]
    84. William Thomas Simon/ApSimon [I0510]
    85. Mechanical engineer [E0510]
    86. Living with parents immediately prior to wedding. [E0511]
    87. Alexander Reid [I0198]
    88. Exact date is from Jim Rowe. A William James Chard is also born in Pancras on 17 Oct 1856. [E1029]
    89. Police sergeant, Liverpool City Police [E1201]
    90. Registered Q1. [E1206]
    91. Births says 3rd quarter 1878 Redruth (there's a Caroline Tangye born then-ish/there-ish too - possible twin). Afterwards it's always Camborne. 1911 census says 30 (1880-1), 1901 says 22 (1878-9), 1891 12 (1878-9). Pretend he was younger for reasons of business/love? Death register consistent with birth. 1939 register says 28 May 1876. [E0174]
    92. Charles Edgar Cowtan 6 is living with his uncles William Francis and Henry Robert Chard and grandparents William Henry and Elizabeth Chard. [E1035]
    93. IWM gives 26 July 1891. Lied about age on enlisting? [E1032]
    94. William Thomas 46 Ruthin, Frances 46 Mold, Gwilym son 16 Liverpool, Emrys son 12 Liverpool, Idris son 9 Liverpool, Daniel Evans boarder 26 Mold [E1200]
    95. Steam ship owner. [E0414]
    96. Birth, Elizabeth Maslen [E1030]
    97. George Rhys Davies [I0047]
    98. Frances/Francis (ApSimon) [I0511]
    99. Janet Reid [I0024]
    100. Pancras is 1911 census, Kings Cross in 1881. [E1138]
    101. Birth, Henry Robert Chard [E1034]
    102. Piano tuner. [E0529]
    103. Births says 1881 York, Mormons Births & Christenings says 7/8/1881 Monk Bar Chapel i.e. christening, 1911 implies 1883-4, 1939 says 27/5/1882, which I take to be birthday. I guess she took 3 years off her age in London, probably because her mother was already 5 months pregnant on marriage. [E0176]
    104. AMA has another one in Q4, aged 74, so DoB 1835/6, but our one is still alive in 1911. [E0257]
    105. Elizabeth Jones [I0113]
    106. William Henry Chard [I0220]
    107. Jonah Rees Davies [I0041]
    108. Marylebone in 1901 census. [E0161]
    109. Births says Q1 in registration district Highworth. Censuses say Swindon. [E0072]
    110. John Davies [I0046]
    111. Errand boy in house-furniture shop. [E1033]