1891/04/05 UK Census

Gramps ID S0041


    1. Nancy Massey, head, 71, is living with Elizabeth Warburton married (not widowed) daughter 42, Albert Matthews grandson 19 and Caleb Whittaker lodger. [E1107]
    2. Mary Williams 19 general servant, aunt Anne Davies. [E0754]
    3. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    4. Residence, Family of Thomas ApSimon (Jones) and Anna Elizabeth Thompson [E0499]
    5. Q4. Record says Redruth, of which Camborne is district for purposes of registration. [E0538]
    6. David Massey [I0050]
    7. Jonah Davies and George Massey were both training at Bangor in 1891, and Jonah later married George's sister Isabella. [E0111]
    8. David Jones/Ap Simon/ApSimon [I0021]
    9. Laura Eliza Chard [I0082]
    10. 1891 census says 1851-2, tbennett54 says 4th quarter 1845, OPC 1874 marriage 22. [E0539]
    11. Alexander Reid [I0198]
    12. Elizabeth 89, "living on own means", daughter Elizabeth Williams, adopted daughter (?) Edith Jones [E0739]
    13. Residence, Family of William Henry Tangye and Emily Ann Treloar Davies [E0544]
    14. Fanny Treloar/Trelour Davies Tangye [I0225]
    15. Mary Celia Marples [I0199]
    16. 1891: Anne Davis, 47, widow, lodging house keeper. JONESFAM: Later, probably in 1888, Anne moved across Durdham Down to keep a lodging house in Upper Belgrave Road, St John's parish, Clifton, overlooking the Downs; Wright's Bristol and Suburban Street Directory for 1889 lists Mrs John Davies, lodging house, at no. 27. In 1891 her lodgers included a Mrs Emma Robinson, with her son Edward, 21, and daughters Edith, 16, and Isabella, 14. [E0712]
    17. Is the exact date family Bible? Reg. Ormskirt Q4!! Birkdale is 1901 census. [E0011]
    18. CMT says 1882. [E0542]
    19. Nancy/Nancey (Massey) [I0174]
    20. Steam ship owner. [E0414]
    21. Residence, Family of William Reid and Mary Strong [E0517]
    22. AMA: The move to West Kirby followed Thomas ApSimon's financial crash. Very small compared to Willow Hall. 1893 Liverpool Mercury ad for an iron chapel is marvellous. [E0387]
    23. Mary Strong [I0205]
    24. Jonah Davies and George Massey were both training at Bangor in 1891, and Jonah later married George's sister Isabella. [E0336]
    25. 1 March 1877? CMT says 1877. [E0541]
    26. 42 in 1891 census. [E1110]
    27. James Arthur Davis Tangye [I0227]
    28. Emily Ann Treloar Davies [I0224]
    29. Surely the same one. Apprentice to chemist James A Seys, living with his family, born N Wales, aged 18. [E0930]
    30. Thomas ApSimon (Jones) [I0008]
    31. Mary Williams [I0128]
    32. Helena Davies Tangye [I0226]
    33. Janet Reid [I0024]
    34. Warehouseman. [E0543]
    35. George Massey [I0043]
    36. Anne/Ann Jones [I0059]
    37. 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911: Aberdare 1871/2. JJ&ETREE says 1871/2, but father is dead by 1871. [E0275]
    38. Birth, Alexander Reid [E0413]
    39. Living with his parents. [E0503]
    40. 3rd quarter in Births, Redruth. 1891 says 1875-6 Camborne. Births gives Fanny Treloar D. Tangye, 1891 Fanny Tangye. [E0540]
    41. Flour mill engineer [E0406]
    42. William Henry Tangye [I0223]
    43. Cook Domestic Servant. [E1111]
    44. Albert Matthews [I0177]
    45. Residence, Family of David Massey and Nancy/Nancey (Massey) [E0345]
    46. Elizabeth Jones [I0113]
    47. Calico Printers Warehouseman. [E1113]
    48. Birth, Janet Reid [E0416]
    49. Jonah Rees Davies [I0041]
    50. Elizabeth Jones [I0098]
    51. Marylebone in 1901 census. [E0161]
    52. Residence, Helena Davies Tangye [E1287]
    53. Thomas is born as Jones and listed as such in the 1851 census. By 1861, however, he is Apsimon. [E0007]
    54. Residence, Family of Alexander Reid and Mary Celia Marples [E0507]
    55. Elizabeth Massey [I0468]
    56. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]
    57. William Reid [I0204]