Cornwall OPC Database

Gramps ID S0083


    1. Miner. OPC for 1874 marriage of daughter Emily. [E0580]
    2. Baptism, Amelia Jeffree/Jefferee [E0698]
    3. Arominta/Aramenta/Araminta Tangye/Tangy [I0650]
    4. Elizabeth Reynolds Pryce [I0342]
    5. OPC entry for WHT 1874 marriage says he is widower. But 1870 WHT marriage to Elizabeth Reynolds Pryce is another WHT, not the American one either. [E0700]
    6. James Davies [I0230]
    7. RT gives exact date. [E1376]
    8. William Henry Tangye [I0343]
    9. Arominta/Araminta/Aramenta Lamynn/Lamyn [I0649]
    10. Blacksmith. Daughter Amelia's baptism certificate. [E0699]
    11. OPC entry for 1874 wedding in Camborne. [E0701]
    12. Marriage, Family of William Henry Tangye and Elizabeth Reynolds Pryce [E0703]
    13. OPC marriage to WHT. [E0702]
    14. OPC gives exact date, location, says WHT is widower aged 33, Emily 22. Marriages has William Henry Tangye m. in Redruth Q3 1874 or Q2 1872. Both compatible with birth of first child. [E0549]
    15. Samuel Vincent Pryce [I0344]
    16. From 1870 wedding in OPC. [E0704]
    17. Emily Ann Treloar Davies [I0224]
    18. Baptism, Arominta/Aramenta/Araminta Tangye/Tangy [E1418]
    19. William Henry Tangye [I0223]
    20. Gentleman (OPC for Elizabeth's wedding). [E0709]
    21. Carpenter (OPC wedding). [E0705]
    22. Baptism, Richard Tangye/Tangie/Tangy [E1445]
    23. OPC wedding. [E0706]
    24. Marriage, Family of Richard Tangye/Tangie/Tangy and Arominta/Araminta/Aramenta Lamynn/Lamyn [E1417]
    25. OPC for wedding. [E0707]
    26. China merchant. OPC marriage gives 1874 info. [E0547]
    27. Richard Tangye/Tangie/Tangy [I0648]
    28. Baptism, Arominta/Araminta/Aramenta Lamynn/Lamyn [E1444]
    29. Amelia Jeffree/Jefferee [I0331]
    30. Philip Tangye/Tangy [I0604]
    31. Richard Jefferee [I0340]