Rumsfeld, Bush and the Swedenborg conspiracy

I don’t recall anyone having commented on the most important aspect of Donald Rumsfeld’s thoughtful little pome, The Unknown, namely the omission of one important permutation:

More nationalist crap

Still looking for a name for my movement dedicated to throwing off the Provençal-Catalan yoke and restoring decent, pre-Roman values, I chanced on issue 18 of Quaderns de l’Exili, published in 1946 by folks who headed over to Mexico in 1939. The big idea, expressed in the editorial, is to split the peninsula into four…

Euro woes

Nice one from Steyn in the Torygraph: ‘The American constitution begins with the words “We the people”. The starting point for the EU constitution is: “We know better than the people.”‘ Our leader has told his French friend that leadership is not one of the latter’s strong points–although I believe it was Zap who, by…

New political party?

In the week that a guy was stabbed to death in fighting between Catalan fascists (sorry, libertarian bodies and left-wing separatists) and other scum, a manifesto (via the usual gin freaks) calling on Catalans to reject the corrupt sectarianism practised by Pujolist and Maragallian administrations and “demand the existence of a political party that will…

Nacho interruptus

From the man who called Sylvia Saint a sow, sad news for those who believe that the only good Spanish film is a sex film. Fortunately Jesús Franco shows no signs of making good on his promise to die camera in hand.