Tweets for September 2019

Gnosall (Stafford), gravestone doggerel, Dutch ska, English syntax, Brexit, origins of Twelve Days of Christmas, Dutch translation, Brighton vernacular, scientific jingoism, fortune cookies, ebikes, Wallography, Cambridge, Walthamstow, Creation, Kafka, national anthems, apartment fires, Spanish puns, Greek mistranslation, Dutch barges, a drowning man at Burnham-on-Crouch, British WWII propaganda, slum cruises, blackface, dwarves and giantesses, Shakespeare, childbirth and babies, Romani dialects, Boris Johnson, Dick Emery, poisoning, Batman and Buddha, hipsters, free range. (2019/10/14)

Tweets for August 2019

Brighton, London, Stafford. Blackberries, Brexit, breasts. (2019/09/02)

The mysterious terracotta “Baronet” relief on Ye Racehorse Inne, 212 Elm Grove, Brighton

I suggest that it is the iconisation of the Stubbs portrait of George (later the) IV's most successful horse, ridden in a distinctive flying gallop by his favourite jockey, Old Sam Chifney; and that the depiction of boots and reins without a rider symbolises George's disgust at the termination of Chifney's career by the Jockey Club following a race-rigging scandal. (2019/08/16)

John Gay’s Fable 40: The Two Monkeys

They are shocked by their reception on attending Southwark fair: Men laugh at apes, they men contemn; / For what are we, but Apes to them? (2019/08/11)

Organ-grinding tweets for July 2019

Northumberland, Brighton, London. (2019/08/01)

June tweets

Rubbish, rubbish, rubbish. (2019/07/01)

May tweets

Lots of Ramsgate photos, plus the usual nonsense. (2019/07/01)

The woman with the packet of crisps

Tributes and tribulations. (2019/05/29)

April tweets

Just the usual load of nonsense. (2019/05/07)

March tweets

More Czechs, Spike Jones, Brexit, burning Guy, Child Ballads, copyright, Robin Hood's two pricks, and so on. (2019/04/02)

Peter the Great’s April Fool’s jokes

Of dwarves, arson, stammerers, and binge drinking. (2019/04/01)