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Um. (2021/03/10)

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Oh God. (2021/02/05)

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The great Victoria Park nursery rhyme schism of 2021

Retrograde Akira resolves a bitter "Row, row, row your boat" confrontation between Hackney and Tower Hamlets parents. Includes a Newfie joke. (2021/01/03)

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Wat een kaleboel. (2020/12/04)

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Whitechapel and Homerton, with photos of the City, Bethnal Green, Stepney, Wapping, Canary Wharf, the Thames, etc etc. (2020/07/03)

The satyr’s head and 1680 Bagnigge House plaque at 61-63 Kings Cross Road

An explanation, featuring the 17th century goldsmith Simon Thriscrosse, Bagnigge Wells Spa, and, for idle googlers, Nell Gwyn. (2020/06/25)