“Syrian woman distributing blankets to European refugee children during World War 2”

But what's the real story? (2024/02/23)

Disappearing public footpaths at Nether Timble Farm, Washburn Valley, North Yorkshire

The OS 1:25,000, 1937-1961 shows a NW-SE public footpath connecting the end of Back North Lane, Timble with the N-S High Lane at Nether Timble, passing south of the farmhouse: The OS Six Inch, 1888-1913 shows the same path, but it stops at a garden boundary, short of the N-S High Lane: My guess is … Continue reading "Disappearing public footpaths at Nether Timble Farm, Washburn Valley, North Yorkshire" (2024/01/29)

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From Mariano José de Larra (1809-37), El casarse pronto y mal:

Habrá observado el lector, si es que nos ha leído, que ni seguimos método, ni observamos orden, ni hacemos sino saltar de una materia en otra, como aquel que no entiende ninguna, cuándo en mala prosa, cuándo en versos duros, ya denunciando a la pública indignación necios y viciosos, ya afectando conocimiento del mundo en aplicaciones generales frías e insípidas. Efectivamente, tal es nuestro plan, en parte hijo de nuestro conocimiento del público, en parte hijo de nuestra nulidad.


The reader will have noticed, if he has indeed read us, that we neither follow a method, nor do we observe order, but do nothing but leap from one field to another, as one who understands none, sometimes in bad prose, others in crude verse, whether denouncing to public outrage fools and dissolutes, or affecting knowledge of the world in cold and insipid generalisations. Such is our plan, in part born of our knowledge of the public, in part of our insignificance.