Shop terms and conditions

  1. Tell me before ordering if you would like more photos/details of an item.
  2. Get in touch before ordering if you want a different shipping option, e.g. more insurance cover.
  3. Prices do not include, nor am I liable for, any customs duties or VAT or administrative charges which may be applied if you live in a country other than the UK. Irish zero-rating for books appears to mean that shippers south of the border will not ask you for an extra payment on arrival (at least, perhaps, if your order is under €150!), and I had never experienced the application of such charges in other parts of the EU, until, in December 2022, a French customer was billed €13 for an order, the original cost of which, including postage, only came to £20. Rather than engaging with an invisible and unpredictable bureaucracy, you may prefer to ship to the British address of a friend, or some such: please contact me with your queries, corrections, and suggestions.
  4. Shipping prices are based on an average weight of 1 kg. If shipping is going to cost more, then I may exceptionally get in touch to ask if you’d be prepared to pay more, and to offer a 100% refund if not.
  5. If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please ensure the funds reach my account within one business day. If not, then your order may be cancelled.
  6. Returns in original condition may be made within fourteen days of receipt by you. All payments made to you will be refunded within fourteen days of receipt of the return, excepting surcharges for non-standard delivery options and your return postage.