Knights of the Holy Ghost

If you thought Pedro Sarmiento de Gamboa was unlucky, try Pedro Fernandez De Quirós, who didn’t discover Australia and thus wasn’t an Afghan Muslim. Fortunately he was nuts.

The number 73

I did a little customised walk for some people this morning, taking in planned and unplanned (ie gypsy shanty and troglodyte) housing developments at the point where Barcelona crests and breaks on the Collserola ridge, and ending with drinks at my favourite spouse-swapping club. We started amid the tower blocks of airy, light Nou Barris.…

Dikshit and Parasol

Our favourite Gibraltan gamblers have already been discussed at Fark, but thanks anyway to my usual forwarder of filth for the tip. (See yet another f*$#&@! learning experience for a name-game perspective.)

Spider styles

Gerald Howson’s The Flamencos of Cadiz Bay is a damn good book that stays well clear of the “Andalusia, soul of Spain” myth-making that poisoned much foreign writing from Washington Irving on. Catalonia was for a long time the home of Spanish bull-fighting and I reckon it also houses more of what I in my…