End to nation

To resolve the sulks and squabbles that generally pass for politics in Spain, Arcadi Espada suggests referring to “[Spanish regional] nationalities” as “euphemistic communities.” (Standard radio debate: –Forsooth, who will buy Catalan wine if the constitution does not refer to ‘us’ as a nation?! –Nay sir, the Spanish is the only true nation!)

Urban terrorism 101: don’t kill furry animals

John Chappell’s got the latest on the anarchist bomb down town this morning. Everyone hated the squatters anyway–squatting has largely become a licence to run tax-free, non-H&S compliant drink & drugs bars that keep the whole neighbourhood awake–but now they’ve killed a dog, and that’s going to finish them. Killing a dog is about the…

The madness of Níjar

Surprise has been expressed in circles, squares and other pleasingly simple geometrical arrangements of peapoles, that revolutionaries should want to destroy those who, according to Ken Livingstone and other prophets of the New Municipalism, are their nearest and dearest. What folly, my darlings! We creaky reactionaries know that revolutions always destroy society (and often themselves)…

Making it up

Daisy-chaining the “they’re lying to us” theme, additional evidence that a journalist is much more than a blogger who gets paid not to fact-check.