Over the hill

It didn’t, but the phrase could have come from Barcelona, where authochthonous prostitutes gradually drift down off the hill as they get older and retire when they hit the murderous African and Ukrainian competition in the port and the old town.


No way I’m doing this: isn’t anyone else embarrassed about still owning physical books?


I rather enjoyed this bang site and was disturbed to find out that “splog” is now generally taken to mean “spam blog” instead of “Spanish blog”, as it does here.

El mullet

Someone told me the other night that Barcelona is the world capital of mullet. The Danish allegedly call it Bundesliga-hÃ¥r, but I don’t think there’s an equivalent term in Catalan or Spanish. (Mollet is a small town near here best known for its police school and its Islamic fundamentalists. None of them are big mulletmen,…

Anti-social behaviour

The incompetent nutters who run Barcelona in the daytime say that the drunks and thieves who run it at night are products of globalisation, leading Jordi Orwell to infer that it’s all Bush’s fault. I’m still blaming Charles III.