Stalinist statute for Catalonia

Since the current proposal for a new regional statute of autonomy for Catalonia is a ragbag of Saturday night gibberish, it only seems right that the neo-Stalinists (ahem) should step in and impose some order.

New Orleans drumming

It doesn’t seem to show on Amazon, and it has little to do with Spain, but I’d like briefly to recommend most highly Antoon Aukes’ Second Line. 100 Years of New Orleans Drumming (the website is also his). Antoon is amongst other things a tapdancer, but don’t let that put you off.

Spanish Galway

Someone has been trying recently & kindly to hammer into my thick skull the nature and depth of early Irish ties with Iberia. Here’s a bleeding chunk from a piece called The City of the Tribes: Italian Memories in an Irish Port in a recently cited James Joyce anthology (Occasional, Critical, and Political Writings): The…