Barcelona to pay prostitutes not to have sex

Now I’m a loose kind of man. (Feargal the lawyer has asked me to make it clear that “Barcelona” refers to the council and not to FC Barcelona, where it is understood that traditional practices are observed.)


Some of you will know at least one of the ladies in this photo.


Ander Izagirre is checking the paths and byways of The United National Realities on a Vespa. This is a Good Thing. (Pedro de Miguel proposes, on debatable grounds, that he call himself Vespasian.)

Why I like McDonald’s

The burger chain’s resurgence explained. Anti-American trash here are circulating a “boycott the gringos on May 1” mail, so I may have the extra fries with my menu that day.

The United National Realities plus The Canaries

Colin Davies’ new name for the new Spain, being fashioned by constitutionally-handicapped collective onanists. He’s wrong to exclude the Canaries: halfabet fascists there have discovered Canariedad (check Bye, bye, Spain), the official translation of which is hereby declared to be “Canariousness” (Gurgle helpfully suggests “consciousness”. (Virgulilla notes that the Senate is going after the Catalan…