Early Basque / stars of colour

Given the interesting record of Basque philology, I wouldn’t be surprised if the early Basque fragments found at Iruña-Veleia (near Vitoria-Gasteiz) turned out to be fakes. The inscription urdin isar, blue/greyish star, certainly leaves me curious. Off-hand I can think of no pre-C18th texts in any Western European language that refer to stars by their…

Grauniadian ephiphany

Ephiphany may, of course, be a play on FIFA; alternatively, it may be telling us something about the state of Sean Ingle’s expenses in Stuttgart, where, according to the Guardian’s man on the spot, the streets are strained yellow.

Neo- ≠ philo-

Conservative ultra-nationalist Josep C Vergés proudly proffers his Big Lie here, slandering that group of ardent defenders of individual rights, Citizens of Catalonia, as filonazi. The English version (scroll down) has “neo-Nazi”, which means something different, but which clearly suffices for a writer so intellectually poverty-stricken that all he can hope for is to insult.