Language exams

John Chappell quotes a letter from Maria Pilar Pellegero of Ripoll in La Vanguardia as an example of the Catalan ethnocracy’s use of language exams as a means of excluding allochthones–including those from other parts of Spain–from public sector jobs. This fuckoff-ism is sometimes taken to bizarre extremes. An American acquaintance took the advanced level…

Spank that meat

Bill Poser picks up the London Times story about the Black Mountains Smokery in Powys being ordered by trading standards to rename its Welsh Dragon sausages “Welsh Dragon Pork Sausages” to avoid disappointing lovers of the hot and spicy. God knows what they’d make of the new delicatessen or restaurant or whatever on Margarit in…

Amazon in Spain

El Bibliómano covers Alibris’ arrival in the UK. Meanwhile we’re still waiting for Amazon to open a store in Spain. If they need encouragement, here‘s a photo posted by Alvy almost two years ago on Microsiervos, concluding that they could generate revenues of up to €30M here.

Definition of a nationalist

Check Ernesto Rodera’s cartoon over at Carlos’ Lenguas entrelazadas. Here’s some getting a free holiday in Rome.

Wrong Franco

Yesterday PRNoticias posted an item (scroll down) about the general lack of interest in the 31st anniversary of Francisco’s death. Unfortunately it’s accompanied by a photo of Antonio Franco, ex-director of El Periódico. (Via Malaprensa)