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  1. Deutschlandfunk - Büchermarkt Kai Wieland "Amerika" - Die Leiche im Keller Ohne das Internet würde es den Roman "Amerika" von Kai Wieland nicht geben. Nachdem der Autor sein Manuskript erfolglos an verschiede… (21 May 2019)
  2. Improbable Research The Secrets Within Prince Shōtoku: The 70 objects inside him Secrets will be revealed about how the the secrets were revealed about what was secreted inside a seemingly simple statue: When the scu… (21 May 2019)
  3. Laudator Temporis Acti What Increase of Blessedness Is There? Thomas Carlyle (1795-1881), Past and Present, Book I, Chapter 1 (Midas): Many men eat finer cookery, drink dearer liquors, — with wh… (21 May 2019)
  4. Laudator Temporis Acti All the Right Views A.N. Wilson, The Victorians (New York: W.W. Norton & Company, 2003), p. 152: Sometimes we can learn more of a past generation by re… (21 May 2019)
  5. Laudator Temporis Acti A Tiny Backwater Robert Paul Wolff, "Literary Musings," The Philosopher's Stone (May 12, 2019): This blog occupies a tiny backwater off a trickle of a s… (21 May 2019)
  6. Language Log Prakritic "Kroraina" and Old Sinitic reconstructions of "Loulan", part 2 What follows is Doug Adams' draft of an excursus that is not trying to be complete in itself (i.e., it's not a free-standing article),… (21 May 2019)
  7. The Pub Curmudgeon A pinch of salt on your greens In recent years there has been a growing amount of interest in and media coverage of vegetarian and vegan diets. The impression given… (21 May 2019)
  8. Neerlandistiek Debat of sacochengevecht? Over de vernieuwde visie op taalvariatie van de Taalunie Door Wim Vandenbussche Was Ons Erfdeel zwanger van profetische inzichten toen… (21 May 2019)
  9. Flašinety a hrací stroje Flašinety sú dnes vzácnosť, jeden stojí ako lepšie auto Hracie skrinky rozozvučali centrum Košíc. Hrali vážnu hudbu aj rokenrol. KOŠICE. Čarovná skrinka, z ktorej ide hudba. Kde sa ma… (21 May 2019)
  10. Flašinety a hrací stroje Lidem na ulici rozdávát radost líbivými zvuky : Flašinetář Honza (60) na kolovrátek hraje už 10 let Lásku k flašinetům zdědil po své rodině. Ta je totiž po několik generací sbírala, ale jen to. Jan Bondra (60) je však oprá… (21 May 2019)
  11. Flašinety a hrací stroje Penzista jezdí těšit lidi flašinetem, města si vybírá podle nálady O jihlavském Masarykově náměstí se říká, že nežije. Politici a úředníci si lámou hlavy s tím, jak centrální prostranst… (21 May 2019)
  12. FT Alphaville Political curve-ball rattles Argentine investors The outlook shifts on the Fernández-Fernández announcement.… (21 May 2019)
  13. My Top Ten Hot 100 #39 I'd initially thought I'd just chuck the above image on top of this week's post to see if anyone could work out why I'd done it.Then… (21 May 2019)
  14. Futility Closet A Rapid Sum From Lewis Carroll’s diary, Feb. 5, 1856: Varied the lesson at the school with a story, introducing a number of sums to be worked out… (21 May 2019)
  15. Neerlandistiek Van een vriendin. Over de eerste Nederlandse lesbische roman uit 1912 Door Sander Bink Mag je het woord ‘lesbisch’ eigenlijk nog gebruiken? Geen idee, kom zoals u weet nooit buiten maar vang soms vagel… (21 May 2019)
  16. diamond geezer Norwich in 90 For years East Anglians have been trying to make their trains run faster. A typical rail journey between London and Norwich takes about… (21 May 2019)
  17. Historia de Barcelona Historia de Barcelona, 21/5 1348: Sus vecinos matan a 20 judíos por la Peste Negra sin intervención de las autoridades y con una respuesta bastante tardía po… (21 May 2019)
  18. FT Alphaville Further reading The undercover fascist: renminbi weaponisation; the Muppet Show; cash burning companies and more...… (21 May 2019)
  19. Chertsey Chesterfield ramble continued This may take a few more posts, as I've quite a few photos. Hopefully though for once this is actually interesting stuff, as we continu… (21 May 2019)
  20. Neerlandistiek In memoriam Wil Sterenborg (1923-2019) Door Marc van Oostendorp Deze week overleed op 95-jarige leeftijd een ridder van het correcte Nederlands, de leeuw van het Tilburgs: Wi… (21 May 2019)
  21. FT Alphaville Guest post: What is the car of the future? The automotive industry may end up looking more like the past than many seem to suppose, argues a new book from transport expert David… (21 May 2019)
  22. Parolacce Lesbica, mongolo, portoghese: quando un Paese diventa un insulto Lesbica. Mongolo. Portoghese. Questi termini – nati come appellativi geografici – sono usati come insulti. E non sono gli unici: l… (20 May 2019)
  23. Liberal England A cat in Clarendon Park I shall tweet a favourable notice to The Cat Reviewer presently.… (20 May 2019)
  24. Gypsy Scholar So Much for Brotherhood in Islamism . . . 'Dutch' News Brief: MEMRI TV Clip No. 7168 tells us:"Former Dutch ISIS Fighter Regrets Having Joined ISIS, Says Syrians, Immigrants W… (20 May 2019)
  25. The bLogicarian Voices of Earlier English: Wulfstan's Sermon of 1014 The pronunciation of Old English used in teaching it is essentially a spelling pronunciation, with the regularized graphemes of Late We… (20 May 2019)
  26. Yiddish Song of the Week “Ikh zits mir bay der arbet” Performed by Leah (Lillian) Kolko “Ikh zits mir bay der arbet” / I Sit at My Work Sung by Leah (Lillian) Kolko. Recorded at Camp Boiberik by Beyle Gottesman. Comment… (20 May 2019)
  27. Futility Closet Makes Sense THREE = 03 Advance each character in that expression four steps in the alphabet or the number line and you get: XLVII = 47 (Discovered… (20 May 2019)
  28. Language Log Insect name How would you respond in your native language if someone walked up to you and asked (in your native language or in English or some othe… (20 May 2019)
  29. Deutschlandfunk - Büchermarkt Herbert Kapfer: "1919" - Atemlos durch das Jahr Deutschnationale neben Revolutionären, Romane neben Zeitungsartikeln – in "1919" greift Herbert Kapfer auf die Collage als historio… (20 May 2019)
  30. Deutschlandfunk - Büchermarkt Vierte LitBlog Convention in Köln - Verlagswelt trifft auf Buchblogger Cupcakes, ein Fotobus und Diskussionen über das Werk von Jörg Fauser: Mitte Mai fand in Köln die vierte LitBlog Convention statt. M… (20 May 2019)
  31. Improbable Research The mystery of cutting things in half [philosophical study] Butchers, bakers and donutmakers probably won’t forsee all that much trouble in cutting something in half. If you’re a philosopher… (20 May 2019)
  32. Language Log The life cycle of unicorns Maybe the tide is turning against "Gene for X" thinking — Ed Yong, "A Waste of 1,000 Research Papers", 5/17/2019: Decades of early re… (20 May 2019)
  33. My Top Ten 2019 Contenders: Dumb Fun Pure country today - or Ameripolitan if you want to get genre specific - from an artist I first came across about 20 years ago when h… (20 May 2019)
  34. Futility Closet Podcast Episode 249: The Robbers Cave Experiment In 1954 a social psychologist started a war between two teams of fifth graders at an Oklahoma summer camp. He wanted to investigate the… (20 May 2019)
  35. Chertsey What was, and is yet to be So, to continue our journey along the present, past, and future course of the Chesterfield canal, testing out Waterway Routes on Memory… (20 May 2019)
  36. diamond geezer Route 533 Last month Hammersmith Bridge had to be closed to road traffic after safety checks revealed "critical faults". The bridge is 132 years… (20 May 2019)
  37. xkcd.com Westerns … (20 May 2019)
  38. Poems Found in Translation From Frank Herbert's Dune: The Litany Against Fear (Translated into Old English and Old Norse) The Old Norse I rendered into lines of Málaháttr. (I originally wanted to do it into a Skaldic meter, but then I realized what a mes… (19 May 2019)
  39. Medieval manuscripts blog Mehmed the Conqueror, scourge of the world The fall of Constantinople to the Ottoman Empire in 1453 brought Turkish politics closer to western Europe. The Italian merchant cities… (19 May 2019)
  40. Gypsy Scholar I'm No Linguist, But . . . Coptic Again! . . . I've decided to refresh my Coptic, after having been away from it for about ten years, maybe even fifteen?I used… (19 May 2019)
  41. Liberal England St Guthlac's and Holbrook Memorial Hall, Knighton St Guthlac's in not in Knighton village, but is to be found just off the London Road. It was built to serve the large houses and terr… (19 May 2019)
  42. Liberal England Six of the Best 866 "Time and again, right from the beginning, they have made such basic errors in their thinking, their planning and their execution that… (19 May 2019)
  43. Improbable Research Migrant Warning: Crossing the Coffee-Cup Barrier When you get a cup of coffee from a vending machine, are you getting a soupćon of ink in your drink? This study looks into that questi… (19 May 2019)
  44. Slate Star Codex OT128: Opentos Thread This is the bi-weekly visible open thread (there are also hidden open threads twice a week you can reach through the Open Thread tab on… (19 May 2019)
  45. Langue sauce piquante pénétration banalisée Qui n’a pas lu dans M Le Mag de cette semaine ce coruscant papier, destiné en priorité à la gent féminine, intitulé « Comment… (19 May 2019)
  46. My Top Ten Saturday Snapshots #84 - The Answers It's Sunday morning, and though you may all be wishing to Enter Sandman for another couple of hours' kip, it's important you get up a… (19 May 2019)
  47. diamond geezer New asset not in use Today's the day.Sunday 19th May 2019 was supposed to be the day that Crossrail connected up to Shenfield.Nah, not even close.According… (19 May 2019)
  48. Chertsey Walking a canal that doesn't yet exist Well, up to a point. On Thursday I walked along a stretch of canal that does, most definitely exist, even if it's a while - very nearl… (19 May 2019)
  49. The bLogicarian A random thought on the Beowulfian Shedlands. Scedenig is the archaic Old English word for Scandinavia attested in Beowulf, cognate with Norse Skáney. Deriving both from Common Ge… (18 May 2019)
  50. The bLogicarian Dating Deor, Beowulf and other Theedish poems: a naming problem To my mind, the question of how to date not only Bēowulf, but also Dēor and other short poems (most notably Widsiþ) depends as much… (18 May 2019)