England & Wales, National Probate Calendar (Index of Wills and Administrations)

Gramps ID S0011


    1. Probate 2 Oct 1948, beneficiary Maurice Edward Fortis. [E2114]
    2. Marjorie Ethel Bradford [I1358]
    1. Death, Elizabeth Anne Bowring [E0120]
    2. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    3. AMA says he died of cancer and that TTA and HTA visited him. [E0033]
    4. Joseph Thompson [I0016]
    5. Fanny Treloar/Trelour Davies Tangye [I0225]
    6. JONAHFAM wrongly says December 1950, place of death presumably AMA too. [E0112]
    7. Probate, Joseph Thompson [E0187]
    8. Death, Emrys ApSimon [E1217]
    9. CMT says 1930, no location. Deaths says 6/7/1963 Northampton. [E0559]
    10. David John Ap Simon [I0023]
    11. Registered Lincoln, Cheshire which is credited to Lincolnshire. Beneficiaries NIA and TTA. [E1090]
    12. Death, David John Ap Simon [E0119]
    13. George Massey [I0043]
    14. Anne/Ann Jones [I0059]
    15. Nancy Isabella Davies [I0013]
    16. Emrys ApSimon [I0513]
    17. Deaths: aged 61, so born 1843/4. [E0227]
    18. Aged 84, so DOB 1866/7. St. Albans is reg district. [E0563]
    19. Jonah Rees Davies [I0041]
    20. Death, Joseph Thompson [E0186]
    21. Elizabeth Anne Bowring [I0067]
    22. Death, Nancy Isabella Davies [E0038]
    23. Antoinette/Anna Catherina/Anna Christine/Anne Catherine/Ann Catherine Lejeune [I0229]
    24. Residence, Estyn Douglas ApSimon [E0193]
    25. Residence, Jonah Rees Davies [E0351]
    26. 1901: 18A, i.e. Studley House. AD 56, widow, head, boarding house keeper. Also probate on AD's estate and AD's tombstone. JONESFAM: probably in 1894, she moved to a nearby house, then newly built in the gap between the two adjoining terraces of houses, since the 1895 directory has an unnumbered entry: -- Miss Anne Davies, Studley House, interpolated between nos. 19 and 18, whereas the 1896 directory has: 18a Mrs Anne Davies, Studley House. [E0710]