Gramps ID S0019
Author AMA


    1. Grace Jones [I0010]
    2. Place/date in extended obit in TGEA collection. [E0209]
    3. David Jones/Ap Simon/ApSimon [I0021]
    4. Mary/Mari Thomas [I0019]
    5. Burial, Mary/Mari Thomas [E0207]
    6. Thomas Jones [I0093]
    7. Burial, Catherine (Jones) [E0221]
    8. Rev. John Thomas B.A. officiated. [E0014]
    9. Birth, Humphrey Jones [E0215]
    10. Thomas Trevor ApSimon [I0007]
    11. "Llanegil" [E0216]
    12. Residence, Thomas Jones [E0219]
    13. Christening, Ellinor/Elinor Jones [E0222]
    14. 1887 date is from White's. 1885 Namebase. [E0386]
    15. Grace and Ellinor are twins. NAMEBASE gives date. 1851 and 61 say 1804-5. Not in 1841 census. [E0022]
    16. Christening, Grace Jones [E0210]
    17. Start date established in the Monthly Tidings article, recording the Catharine St. Presbyterian Church's thanks to Thomas for almost 20 years service. 1891 census gives Willow Hall Lane - if in another house here, that may explain the discordance re address. [E0383]
    18. Thomas ApSimon (Jones) [I0008]
    19. Harriet Agnes Thompson [I0090]
    20. Jane Rowlands [I0020]
    21. Thomas, Annie, Joe, TTA, ATA, EDA, Harriet (sister in law), Mary Anne Jones 24 Rhos Denbigh servant [E0388]
    22. Death, Thomas Jones [E0212]
    23. Presumably killed by the consequences of the Spanish flu - TTA's letters from the front advise him on remedies for a flu-like illness. [E0008]
    24. In 1883 Thomas advertises it for rent at £46: "two entertaining rooms, six bedrooms, bath, w.c., kitchen, washhouse, pantry." [E0385]
    25. Joseph Henry ApSimon [I0012]
    26. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    27. Birth, David Jones/Ap Simon/ApSimon [E0027]
    28. Catherine (Jones) [I0094]
    29. See also funeral ale etc bills in LTR&DOCS. [E0223]
    30. Humphrey Jones [I0095]
    31. Marriage, Family of Thomas Jones and Catherine (Jones) [E0214]
    32. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]
    33. Arthur Tryweryn ApSimon [I0014]
    34. Ellinor/Elinor Jones [I0096]
    35. Thomas bond establishes that her brother was Hugh Jones & thus that Jones was her birthname. [E0220]
    36. Death, Ellinor/Elinor Jones [E0218]
    37. Death, Catherine (Jones) [E0213]
    38. AMA: The move to West Kirby followed Thomas ApSimon's financial crash - Van Gelder, ApSimon & Co. patent suit against Sowerby Bridge United District Flour Society. Very small compared to Willow Hall. 1893 Liverpool Mercury ad for an iron chapel is marvellous. [E0387]