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Author AMA


    1. 1881: Ann Davis 37 servant - cook (dom), Jonah R. Davis 10 boy. John P. Allen is head of house. JONESFAM: Mrs Woods probably moved to Rockleaze Villas in 1880, taking on Anne as her cook; no. 15 had probably been empty previously, as the Directories for 1879 and 1880 have no entry for it. [E0353]
    2. William Jones [I0109]
    3. JONESFAM: 1871: Anne not yet living with her mother at Pant-y-berllan, which was the first place where Jonah remembered living. [E0108]
    4. Collier [E0250]
    5. JONESFAM: We were surprised to find also there, Anne's grandson, George Rhys Davies (Arthur's uncle), age 4, "Schoolboy". With the birth of his sister Nancy, Arthur's mother, expected only 4 months later, George had (presumably?) been sent to stay with grandma, leaving his mother Isabella Davies with only his 3 year-old brother John to look after. [E0714]
    6. Joshua/Joshuah Jones [I0097]
    7. Age 61, i.e. 1805/6. Probably Pant, given that family living there and buried at Cefn Arthen. [E0265]
    8. JONESFAM tombstone inscription, aged 62. [E0228]
    9. Family of David Jones and Elizabeth (Jones) [F0037]
    10. David Jones [I0106]
    11. George Rhys Davies [I0047]
    12. 1841: Carmarthenshire, 7. 1851: Llanfair, 17. [E0258]
    13. 1841: 1805/6 outside Carmathen. Baptism suggests March. [E0734]
    14. Mary Williams [I0128]
    15. Residence, Family of David Jones and Catherine Morris [E0741]
    16. JONESFAM tombstone: 1842/3. Deaths: 1843/4. 1881: 1843-4. 1851: 1841-2. AMA: probably 27 Feb 1843 - her sister Elizabeth ("Bessie") gave her a photograph album on that day in 1883. [E0225]
    17. Check location. JONESFAM: aged 94, 6 days after the wedding of her grandson, Jonah Davies. [E0261]
    18. 1851: 1837/8. Place given in JONESFAM, 1841 census says Carmarthenshire. [E0252]
    19. Family of Kitty Jones [F0038]
    20. Anne/Ann Jones [I0059]
    21. 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911: Aberdare 1871/2. JJ&ETREE says 1871/2, but father is dead by 1871. [E0275]
    22. Deaths: aged 61, so born 1843/4. [E0227]
    23. Catherine Morris [I0107]
    24. AMA has another one in Q4, aged 74, so DoB 1835/6, but our one is still alive in 1911. [E0257]
    25. Elizabeth Jones [I0113]
    26. Joshuah Jones [I0110]
    27. JONESFAM: at least one son? [E0273]
    28. Jonah Rees Davies [I0041]
    29. Elizabeth Jones [I0098]
    30. Baptism, Joshua/Joshuah Jones [E0259]
    31. Mary Jones [I0114]
    32. Cook? JONESFAM: While living at Pant-y-berllan, Anne worked in Trecastle, perhaps as a cook, with a daily walk of 7 miles there and back. [E0716]
    33. Anne was staying with her when JRD was born. [E0718]
    34. Henry Morris [I0108]
    35. JONESFAM: Jonah pointed to one of the villas in the middle of the row of three pairs of three-storey semi-detached Italianate houses, nos 10-15 (TGEA: Rockleaze Villas aren’t on Julian Road, and 10-15 aren’t contiguous; perhaps AMA means the 3 blocks that are 1,3,5,7,9,11 Julian Road, so no. 5 or 7), as the house in which they lived when they first came to Bristol. [E0715]
    36. Based on AMA's sight of marriage certificate. Both "signed X by mark." Witnesses John Hughes & Thomas Evans. I assume St John's, the old parish church, wasn't used after the construction of St. Elvan's in 1851-2. [E0249]
    37. 1901: 18A, i.e. Studley House. AD 56, widow, head, boarding house keeper. Also probate on AD's estate and AD's tombstone. JONESFAM: probably in 1894, she moved to a nearby house, then newly built in the gap between the two adjoining terraces of houses, since the 1895 directory has an unnumbered entry: -- Miss Anne Davies, Studley House, interpolated between nos. 19 and 18, whereas the 1896 directory has: 18a Mrs Anne Davies, Studley House. [E0710]