George Rhys Davies

Birth Name George Rhys Davies
Gramps ID I0047
Gender male
Age at Death 64 years


TGEA < AMA: Their furniture was stored in Bradford during the war. Very accomplished pianist, played on the BBC with a violinist.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth [E0072] 1897 Swindon, Wiltshire Births says Q1 in registration district Highworth. Censuses say Swindon. 1 2 3 4
Residence [E0714] 3/3/1901 Studley House, 18a Upper Belgrave Road, Clifton, Bristol, Gloucestershire JONESFAM: We were surprised to find also there, Anne's grandson, George Rhys Davies (Arthur's uncle), age 4, "Schoolboy". With the birth of his sister Nancy, Arthur's mother, expected only 4 months later, George had (presumably?) been sent to stay with grandma, leaving his mother Isabella Davies with only his 3 year-old brother John to look after. 4 5
Residence [E1072] 1911 59 Kent Road, Swindon, Wiltshire   2
Education [E1088] estimated between 1915 and 1916 Clare College, Cambridge University, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire Maths, Third Wrangler < AMA. TGEA thinks he went up in 1915, did well in his 1st year exams, went into the army and never returned. Truth in the tin box and/or ‘The book of matriculations and degrees, 1912-42,’ held in the University Archives, classmark: UA Degr.41-3. 6
Occupation [E0974] estimated between 1916 and 1919 Mesopotamia South Staffordshire Regiment & Surrey Regiment. AMA, 2019: Ran away from 6th form (Cambridge?) to join up, partly to piss off father Jonah. and appear to show him being transferred from an officer cadet unit with the Surrey Regiment to be 2nd Lt in the S Staffs. He apparently served in the second Mesopotamian campaign. The National Archives page shows him as a Lieutenant with the S Staffs. 7 6 8a
Occupation [E1091] 3/9/1920   HM Assistant Inspector of Taxes in 1920. AMA says was with the Inland Revenue in London and/or Brighton for the rest of his working life. 9a 6
Death [E0073] 1961 Seaford, Sussex Registered Q2 Lewes. He died suddenly - heart attack or something. 1 10 6


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jonah Rees Davies [I0041]1/11/187023/12/1951
Mother Isabella Massey [I0042]19/7/18681939
         George Rhys Davies 1897 1961
    Brother     John Davies [I0046] 1898 11/1940
    Sister     Nancy Isabella Davies [I0013] 27/7/1901 19/2/1984

Family Map

Family Map