Gramps ID S0039
Author TGEA


    1. May have been there before August 1823 and after September 1825. AMA: [E0486]
    2. John Jones [I0163]
    1. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    2. AMA says he died of cancer and that TTA and HTA visited him. [E0033]
    3. Jonah Davies and George Massey were both training at Bangor in 1891, and Jonah later married George's sister Isabella. [E0111]
    4. Humphrey Jones [I0095]
    5. Several references from AMA to George, Ellen and Rebecca living in the same house. [E1185]
    6. Jonah Davies/Davis [I1244]
    7. Schoolteacher. [E1082]
    8. Registered Q2 Lewes. He died suddenly - heart attack or something. [E0073]
    9. AMA: John Davies had a younger brother Jonah, who may have died young. [E2204]
    10. Residence, Ernest Vivian Dunn [E1257]
    11. May Mary Mitchell [I0153]
    12. On death of father Thomas in 1812, the children go to live with John Jones, their paternal uncle and guardian, then farming at Rhyd Sarn, later at Pant-y-Ceubren. TTA incorrectly says the children go to Werglodd-ddu, Llanuwchllyn. [E0821]
    13. Maths, Third Wrangler < AMA. TGEA thinks he went up in 1915, did well in his 1st year exams, went into the army and never returned. Truth in the tin box and/or ‘The book of matriculations and degrees, 1912-42,’ held in the University Archives, classmark: UA Degr.41-3. [E1088]
    14. Ellen Massey [I0054]
    15. AMA: The move to West Kirby followed Thomas ApSimon's financial crash. Very small compared to Willow Hall. 1893 Liverpool Mercury ad for an iron chapel is marvellous. [E0387]
    16. Grace Jones [I0010]
    17. Worked for the Ministry of Health as inspector or whatever. Organised reception of refugees on south coast at beginning of WWII. [E1080]
    18. Burial notice says Bath nursing home, AMA says RUH Bath. AMA: Had cocked up surgery for duodenal ulcer in WWI. Died following operation. TTA blamed himself for not insisting that he go to Bristol instead of Bath when he was ill. He coordinated the refugee welcome programme in 1940 along the south coast and was exhausted. [E0277]
    19. Ellinor/Elinor Jones [I0096]
    20. George Rhys Davies [I0047]
    21. Rebecca Massey [I0055]
    22. Thomas ApSimon (Jones) [I0008]
    23. Thomas Booth [I0463]
    24. HM Assistant Inspector of Taxes in 1920. AMA says was with the Inland Revenue in London and/or Brighton for the rest of his working life. [E1091]
    25. George Massey [I0043]
    26. When husband John died, father-in-law Jonah rather unkindly said, "You can't stay here, NIA has enough work looking after the house," so she went back to her folks in Boston. Tom Booth had wanted to marry her before, and so that was quickly arranged. No one went to the wedding - it was very difficult to travel at the time - but the family all liked Tom, although Jonah disapproved and never met him. [E1081]
    27. Nancy Isabella Davies [I0013]
    28. Jonah, perhaps aged 6 [O0093]
    29. Isabella Massey [I0042]
    30. Maid in Simon Jones' household, doesn't know when she moved in. [E2203]
    31. Nancy Isabella ApSimon (née Davies) lived with her unmarried maternal aunts Ellen (Nell) and Rebecca (Beccy) Massey while she read chemistry at Liverpool. [E1169]
    32. Jane Rowlands [I0020]
    33. Jonah Rees Davies [I0041]
    34. Ernest Vivian Dunn [I0534]
    35. Emigration, Nancy Isabella Davies [E1172]
    36. South Staffordshire Regiment & Surrey Regiment. AMA, 2019: Ran away from 6th form (Cambridge?) to join up, partly to piss off father Jonah. and appear to show him being transferred from an officer cadet unit with the Surrey Regiment to be 2nd Lt in the S Staffs. He apparently served in the second Mesopotamian campaign. The National Archives page shows him as a Lieutenant with the S Staffs. [E0974]
    37. Registered Q1, and a random AMA doc says 31/1/...1905 aged 74. AMA elswhere says May. Age 69 is too young for 1868 birth. "Died of anaemia. She had Hodgkin's leukaemia, I think, something like that." Jonah then went to live at St Olave's. [E0068]
    38. John Davies [I0046]
    39. Anna Elizabeth Thompson [I0011]