LAD on the Davies, Whitesides & ApSimons

Gramps ID S0204
Author LAD
Publication information 2020



    1. Estyn Douglas ApSimon [I0015]
    2. Jean Elizabeth ApSimon [I0040]
    3. Birth, William Charles Whiteside [E0519]
    4. Alexander Reid [I0198]
    5. Mary Celia Marples [I0199]
    6. Artist and designer. [E2047]
    7. Residence, Samuel Saunders Marples [E2049]
    8. Partner in "Sybil Rang and Ap Simon", a property letting agency, literary agency (also listed at 43 St. Martin's Lane, corresponded inter alia with William A. Bradley Literary Agency), typing and duplicating (e.g. for the future politician Alan Clark in the early 1950s; Sylvia Plath mentions them as a possible source of odd jobs), and sold Christmas cards inter alia designed by daughter Jean. I think Sybil Rang was Sybil J E Taylor, born 1890 Surrey, who married Charles P A Rang at Hendon in Q4 1930, after which he emigrated. LAD thinks that Estyn and Sybil's relationship was purely professional - Estyn seems to have been on good terms with husband Charles. [E2057]
    9. Death, William Charles Whiteside [E0520]
    10. Anne Whiteside [I0079]
    11. Marriage, Family of Alexander Reid and Mary Celia Marples [E2048]
    12. William Charles Whiteside [I0076]
    13. Partner in Strong, Reid & Page, replacing his maternal uncle John Strong. Latterly in partnership with George Strong Page at 28 Chapel Street. Nautical Society says he leaves business in 1912, but LAD surely more reliable. [E2056]
    14. "His country estate". [E2050]
    15. Birth, Anne Whiteside [E1089]
    16. Samuel Saunders Marples [I0208]
    17. John Strong [I1273]
    18. Merchant navy. Engineer, first class, 1940, Liverpool. WWII: Arrivals at New York as 3rd Engineer on the SS Rimutaka (SS Mongolia (1922)) on the run between Avonmouth/Liverpool and Auckland/Wellington via the Panama Canal between 1943 and 1945 with service consistent with late 1935/early 1936 start. 6'0", 156 lb, no tattoos... Discharge number:R.136916. Post-WWII: 1947, Suffolk; 1956, Avanca. HTA takes the 1947 voyage as emigration to New Zealand. [E0408]
    19. Death, Anne Whiteside [E2015]
    20. Richard Douglas ApSimon [I0039]
    21. Tutored by Winifred Humphries, who became a close friend of Jean and used to decorate the kitchen/dining room for LAD's birthdays. LAD contains some marvellous reminiscences. [E2046]
    22. Senior partner in Strong, Reid and Page. [E2051]