The Autobiography of Robert Thomas, Known As Ap Vychan

Gramps ID S0122
Author Robert Thomas (Ap Vychan), translated by Trevor ApSimon
Publication information 2019


    1. Thomas Jones [I0034]
    1. Margaret (Roberts) [I0547]
    2. Margaret Thomas [I0548]
    3. Llanuwchllyn and surroundings [O0058]
    4. Mary/Mari Thomas [I0019]
    5. In May 1830, RT moved to Oswestry to work for the Calvinistic Methodist minister/blacksmith Edward Price (1797-1887). (In Oswestry 1828-37, EP had shod cattle for drovers at Llangwm, recited Twm o'r Nant interludes (see Wild Wales), learnt sermonising listening to Thomas Charles.) Despite being an Independent, RT joined the Welsh-speaking Calvinistic Methodists in 9/1830 until Xmas Day 1833 when he had learnt enough English went over to the Independents with Thomas Jenkyn. [E0979]
    6. Thomas Roberts [I0546]
    7. Evan Thomas [I0550]
    8. "One, named Susanah Thomas, lives with her husband in the Methodist parsonage in Moel-y-Garnedd, near Bala." Presumably the Calvinistic Methodist chapel, whose coordinates I've used. [E1276]
    9. Ellis Thomas [I0464]
    10. Residence, Evan Thomas [E1278]
    11. Death, Ellis Thomas [E1084]
    12. Residence, Margaret Thomas [E1277]
    13. Residence, Family of Thomas Roberts and Margaret (Roberts) [E1275]
    14. "When my time in Lôn was over, I went to Mr. Robert Roberts at Tŷn-y-Cefn near Corwen to work. I stayed there for six months. My master was a skilled craftsman. He was a quite avid reader and had many rather good books. But at the time I was there, he had the custom to often get drunk." [E1283]
    15. Death, Robert Thomas (Ap Vychan) [E0977]
    16. RT memoirs: After leaving Conwy and staying in Llanuwchllyn for a while, I returned to Mr. Edward Price in Oswestry; my brother Evan and I worked there for part of the year 1832. [E1281]
    17. Start date probably correct, end speculative. "In early May 1829, I left Tŷn-y-Cefn and went to the ironworks in South Wales to work there for some months. I was in Tredegar and Dowlais, and I learned quite a lot during those months." [E1282]
    18. Robert Thomas (Ap Vychan) [I0416]
    19. Simon Jones (Bala) [I0009]
    20. Simon Jones (Lôn) [I0018]
    21. [In May 1831] I repaired to the sea in Caernarfonshire and got work for three months with Mr. William Jones in Conwy, and my health was completely restored. [E1279]
    22. Susanah Thomas [I0549]
    23. After leaving Conwy and staying in Llanuwchllyn for a while... [E1280]