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A remarkable gravestone in Waltham Forest Muslim cemetery

If tears could build a stairway / And memories a lane, / We’d walk right up to heaven / And bring you home again. (2018/07/19)

The true origins of an 18th century tomb inscription at Zennor, Penwith, Cornwall

"'Tis glorious misery to be born a man," generally taken to refer to a hen-pecked husband, is in fact a misquotation of verse by the 17th century Romford and London poet, Francis Quarles, dealing with human mortality. (2018/07/15)

Top 10 Russian football songs: No. 6: Manchester United FC by Whiteman the Blacksoul (2013)

Russophone Kazakh rapper tramples the identitarian jungle in praise of his idols. With William Blake, and Guf and his granny. (2018/07/06)

Top 10 Russian football songs: No. 7: the unofficial anthem of FC Zenit St Petersburg (1981)

It takes its tune and several lines from a 1960s song evoking the Siege of Leningrad and a verse and style from Liverpool fans' 1979 performance against Dinamo Tbilisi of You'll Never Walk Alone. (2018/07/05)