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The Singing Organ Grinder’s tweet archive for February 2018

Another abundance of redundance. Featuring Russian, German and Italian puppetry, organ-grinding, and other nonsense. (2018/03/01)

Organ-grinding tweets for January 2018

More sofa-based antics of the Hackney street organist. (2018/02/01)

The secret life of organ-grinders

Speculation in French revolutionary fiduciary currency, the murder of the great British ballad-singer, & a revised date (1802) for the start of the supposedly post-Napoleonic emigration of Italian puppeteers & organ-grinders (2018/01/31)

In praise of oranges

A First World War letter from a Palestinian orange grove, an orange (lower case) song, and this winter's favourite orange cake recipe. (2018/01/21)