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Great British Blake-off

William, patron saint of hatters and well-hatted bohemians? Photographs of the crowd at the Blake Society's unveiling of a new memorial on Bunhill Fields. (2018/08/13)

In the footsteps of Spartacus

A self-guided walk from Ciampino Airport to Rome along the Appian Way. (2018/07/25)

Wilful mondegreens from the popular repertoire

Lionel Richie opens a butchery in Bradford, while Frank Sinatra with the Count Basie Orchestra refuse to sell a raspberry ripple to the Archbishop of Canterbury in Jerusalem. With a generational categorisation of Millennials. (2018/07/22)

A remarkable gravestone in Waltham Forest Muslim cemetery

If tears could build a stairway / And memories a lane, / We’d walk right up to heaven / And bring you home again. (2018/07/19)