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Top 10 Russian songs about football (No. 10)

Argentina-Yamayka 5-0, by Chayf (1999). (2018/06/15)

When’s the cheapest time to make strawberry jam?

Average wholesale prices, April-October 2015-2017. (2018/06/09)

From the lexical underground, “rapport”

Symmetries in textiles, architecture and music. (2018/06/08)

Leave your city burnin like Gamera

Stamina, blaze up your space, plus I got it on camera. Lower Clapton's wildlife and some audiovisual plans. (2018/06/07)

Singing Organ-Grinder tweets for May

Pictures & video from a gig in Leytonstone, plus the usual nonsense. (2018/06/01)