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Several Viennese musical curiosities

Karl Nagl's claim that, unlike the Germans, Viennese organ-grinders are musicians, because they have "crank-sense." And female yodelling with Dudlerinnen Trude Mally and Maly Nagl. (2018/10/17)

The Russian folk song in the Coen brothers’ Raising Arizona

I thought it was a recent version of Stravinsky's Petrushka theme, but it turns out that Pete Seeger is the intermediary. Plus an East End Jewish version of Khachaturian's Sabre Dance. (2018/10/09)

The Singing Organ-Grinder’s tweets for September

A rubbish heap in which a Ukrainian nuclear fireman finds romance with Willie Nelson. (2018/10/01)

Hell in Cornwall, and Brisola the organ-grinder from Brisola

Two favourite anecdotes from Maisie & Evelyn Radford's musical mission to the Cornish and thence to the English. (2018/09/27)

“Organ grinders to sleep in the wash house”

How a mass-produced 1960s joke sign for bars and pubs became evidence of historical authenticity before being censured as a hate crime against tinkers and thinkers (or organ-grinders, as we are often known). (2018/09/25)