Preview of organ grinder repertoire suggested by you folks

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I still need to get someone to fix the texts etc etc before is broadcast to the world, but we’ve got a few provisional bookings starting July.

Now, how’s organ construction coming on?!

Carlos Borbolla (1902 – 1990), Cuban dance organ impresario and piano composer

I just found a piece by Miriam Ruiz Pérez in the Cuban national socialist regime’s magazine, La Jiribilla. Apparently Borbolla was born in Manzanillo of a merchant family which made money from the hire, construction and repair of dance organs. As he moved into the business following musical studies in France, he began to replace the books of polkas, mazurkas and valses imported from France with Cuban rumbas, sons, pregons and danzons. It seems there was also a repertoire of music to be played along with live instruments. Unfortunately I can’t find any recordings of his stuff.

Willem Breuker barrel organ stuff

Wikipedia it say

1967 Lunchconcert voor drie Amsterdamse draaiorgels
1968 Music for Han Bennink voor draaiorgel
1969 Preparation to voting voor draaiorgel
1970 Een dagje ouder voor klein draaiorgel

I thought off the top of my bonce that he’d done stuff for mixed ensembles, but neither this nor that is on UTube. His normal style is fine, however:

Libertad Lamarque y Joselito – Jilgueros

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