Nota bene:

  • All these street organ arrangements are home-made. Contact me if you want a custom arrangement for your own street organ, musical box, barrel piano, or whatever.
  • The MP3s below use Virtual Studio Technology: this is NOT the real sound (my organ also has percussion, and sounds more natural), and someone needs to sing!
  • Lyrics or translations can be displayed live on a screen, karaoke-style.
Naar de speeltuinHeleentje van Capelle met de Karekieten en het Orkest Zonder Naamnl1987
Estoy tocando fondoViudas e hijas de Roque Enrolles1980Where the fondo may be the International Monetary Fund.
Aan de Costa del Sol (tingelingeling)Trad. German-Italian / Johnny Hoes / Zangeres Zonder Naamnl1975?Waltz, apparently stolen from Trentino in the Tyrol - see the links.
One-note samba (demo version)en1965Used in how-the-organ-works talks.
Doctor KitchLord Kitcheneren1963A girl asks a doctor for an injection, but his needle's very big and she moves a lot, and the penicillin ends up in the wrong hole.
Brazil / Aquarela do BrasilAry Barroso / Jimmy Dorsey / Xavier Cugaten1960Samba: Where hearts were entertaining June / We stood beneath an amber moon
What a difference a day makesDinah Washingtonen1959
Inflation calypsoET Mensahen1958?Pidgin English highlife from post-independence Ghana, now with extra verse about deflation
Tulpen uit Amsterdam / Tulips from AmsterdamRalf Arnie / Van Aleda / Max Bygravesnl en1956Typically Dutch: a German waltz about Turkish flowers. Virtual excerpt:
Tea sambaET Mensahen1956Ghanaian tea ad from the 50s.
Sunday MirrorET Mensahen1956Highlife ad for a newspaper, 1950s.
How much is that doggie in the windowBob Merrill / Patti Pageen1953The one with the waggly tail. Lita Roza's version was Maggie Thatcher's favourite song.
April in PortugalPérez Prado Orchestra1953Cha-cha, with grunting.
MexicoZangeres Zonder Naam / Luis Marianonl fr1951Paso doble in de stijl van de film Le chanteur de Mexico
BananasMachitoen nl ca1950The mambo king takes the pi$$ out of himself. Available in English, Catalan or Dutch.
Take you meat out me riceLord Kitcheneren1950
South of the borderGene Autry / Patsy Clineen1950Bolero
Aan de Amsterdamse grachtenPieter Goemans / Johnny Kraaijkamp / Wim Sonneveldnl1949Nostalgic waltz.
Capri-Fischer / Fishermen of Capri (Bella, bella Marie)Rudi Schuricke / Gerhard Winkler / Ralph Maria Siegelde en1949Wenn bei Capri die rote Sonne im Meer versinkt: Lola sings this tango in Fassbinder's Wirtschaftswunderbar, but the version by Gracie Fields is also rather special.
Unemployment Compensation BluesLes Pine / Barbara Dane / George Browneen1949And when I'm through with my weekly routine, / I spend my money on Benzedrine. / I've got those 'By the time I get my check, / I become a nervous wreck' blues.
Che sarà / Qué será / What will beDoris Day / José Feliciano / Pink Martinien es it1945Waltz
Diep in m'n hartJaap Valkhoff / Ernst van ’t Hoff / Willeke Albertinl1944Slow foxtrot
Stalin wasn't stallin'Golden Gate Jubilee Quarteten1943An American gospel quartet lauds Uncle Joe's revenge on his old friend Hitler.
Als op Capri de rozentuinen bloeienHan Dunk / The Ramblers / Eddy Christianinl1942Foxtrot
Begin the beguineCole Porter / Les Paulen1940Beguine
You are my sunshineJimmie Davis / Charles Mitchell / Pine Ridge Boysen1939Foxtrot
When I'm cleaning windowsGeorge Formbyen1936From the film, Keep Your Seats, Please
RosettaGeorge Handy / Bob Willsen1935Western swing
Shave 'em dryLucille Boganen1935I've got nipples on my titties big as the end of my thumb / I got something tween my legs 'd make a dead man come.
Your feet's too bigAda Benson / Fred Fisher / The Ink Spotsen1935
Isle of Capri / C'est à CapriWill Grosz / Jimmy Kennedy / Lew Stoneen nl fr1934Now with lyrics featuring the River Lea / Lee in East London: Twas on the banks of the Lea that I met her / Under the shade of an old apple tree / Now I can still hear the sirens around me / As I lie bleeding in A and E.
YoukaliKurt Weillfr1934Possibly the best tango ever.
Oh zwarte zigeuner / Oh, play to me gypsy (Cikánka)Harry de Groot / Karel Vacek / Melody Boys / Willy Derby / Willy Alberti / Johnny Jordaan / Gracie Fieldsnl en1931Slow foxtrot.
Chinatown, my ChinatownJean Schwartzen1930Jackie Chan edition. Virtual excerpt:
Mijn kleine groene cactusComedian Harmonists / Gerrit Bellersnl de1930Dutch text by Gerrit Bellers: Bloemen en planten, zoals chrysanten, / Of rozen, tulpen en narcissen, / Willen de mensen, zo zijn hun wensen, / Ik hoef ze niet, ik kan ze missen.
La gallina PapanatasMonreales1930Mexican corrido about a prolific hen
Rumba TambahLecuona Cuban Boyses1930Rumba
It's only a paper moonHarold Arlenen1930
Organ grinder's swingJimmie Lunceforden1930Slow foxtrot
Breakaway (Fox Movietone Follies of 1929)Jack Hyltonen1929Foxtrot. It's got the snappiest syncopation.
Sheik of ArabySmith-Wheeler-Snyder / Mr. Goon-Bones / Ted Baxteren1921I'm the Sheikh of Araby, this sand belongs to me. Foxtrot
El nuevo FordCubanoes1920
On the sunny side of the streeten1920Foxtrot
Five foot two, eyes of blueHendersonen1920Foxtrot
Ya hemos visitado el AstilleroLos Moros Babucheroses1891Working conditions in the factory at San Severiano, Cádiz could certainly be improved
Sociedad Antonio MaceoIsrael 'Cachao' LópezesCha-cha
Qué pena siente el almaVioleta ParraesClassic Chilean organ-grinder waltz.

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