sweet goodbyes

Alimarket says that the Carulla family’s holding, Agrolimen, is looking for a buyer or big brother – probably Wrigley – for its confectionery subsidiary, Joyco. Joyco started out in 1977 as General de Confitería, quickly rose to dominate the rapidly growing Spanish market for bubble gum, and is now world leader in the sugared-gum-for-tiny-tots-to-leave-in-inconvenient-places sector. I’m a fan of their Airwaves which I use to disguise my immoderate garlic consumption.

This looks like just another sign that the era of large family-owned businesses in Catalunya is coming to an end: LaVa reported a couple of days ago that the Bernat family’s Chupa Chups business (est 1946) was looking to tie up a cooperative global marketing and distribution deal along the lines of the beverage sector’s Maxxium. Their previous attempt at collaboration – with Mars – ended in acrimony, and there’s little reason to believe that this new attempt to have their cake and eat it will succeed.

Via Food Production Daily.

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