Caption of the month

… accompanies this photo of a meeting of the Catalan Communists (PSUC viu (sic)) out in Mollet. “The public filled the hall,” it says.

Where there’s muckamuck

The Catalan regional government just opened up a teeny, weeny bit and published a page with gross salaries for members of the executive and senior civil servants. Here’s how the former compare (today’s rates) with their Scottish equivalents: catalonia scotland president/first minister €147,958.56 €182,336.27 conseller/minister €111,526.42 €130,421.74 I reckon that if you factor in the…

Zapatero’s Kyoto charade

All last year industry and sections of the PP were saying that there was no way that Spain could meet its Kyoto targets, currently being overshot by more than 100% as a result of the PP’s fine economic record (see below). Economics minister Rato was mugged by a bunch of industrialists in early December in…

Dear me, yet another evil car driver!

Den mailed to point out a site run by a Barcelona taxi driver, Francisco Dugo aka Taxi Tupi, with a webcam and lots of lovely photos. How public-spirited! Er, Den, all the photos look rather like work by Enric Corberó on Virtourist, and that isn’t a webcam since the pictures obviously aren’t even vaguely live.…

Un fenomenal poti poti

… says that notorious den of deviant subversion, Quaderns, of this blog. Funny: that’s what my mum used to say of me (in English) at the stage when I was in and (principally) out of nappies.