Mountain barmaid, 6AM

– Three eggs? – One to glaze the croissants, the others for the Guardia Civil patrol’s hangovers.

Quixote off the mark

2005 is pork barrel year for defence minister José Bono’s home region of Castilla-La Mancha. This should help mend relations between the local socialists and Madrid, which had become strained over water redistribution policy.

Commercial typography

I think Juanjo Seixas is promising to extract a usable font from this chocolate factory sign. I hope he also tells us more about the history of this kind of lettering in C20th Spain: did standards emerge at an early stage, or did people continue to do their own thing until quite recently?


If another 20 North African criminals were to suddenly appear on Escudellers at this moment, and if they were able to sing and dance, then they could put on my favourite pantomime.

¡Sieg woof!

José Antonio and José María on hairdressing and the Nazi peril.