Sign language for hearing babies

This is really cool: Every morning, when Corinthian Barthelmess’s tummy rumbles for her breakfast banana, she lets her daddy know. She communicates not through whining or babbling or pointing, but through sign language. “Banana” is a favorite sign of this sweet-natured 14-month-old girl, who has been learning American Sign Language the past several months. Through…

Common language for Africa

These guys crack me up: Mr Atukwei Okai, Secretary General of the Pan African Writers Association (PAWA), on Tuesday advocated African Common Language Policy to enhance communication among Africans as a vital ingredient in ensuring the success of African unity. He said some proponents had indicated Swahili as a possible adoptive language, but cautioned that…

Smell exports up

Apparently the Bengali government has been taking advice from the Generalitat on how “to improve drinking water supply and sewerage and develop waste-water sanitation”. That presumably means a boost for the Catalan textile industry, because everyone here holds a handkerchief over their face when they walk down our street.

Bloggers of the world, consolidate!

Margaret Marks agrees with me, which means either that I am right or that she is importing substantial quantities of Catalan wine. The menus on my main page will rediscover their true essence when, only when, affairs right themselves or when I am mugged by the estate of Ireland’s greatest writer. From La Miseria in…

Abramovich in danger?

He’ll bounce back, says Mosnews in an article on Roman’s Empire: The head of the empire navigates the world in a privately owned plane, and not some Falcon or Gulf Stream, either, but a Boing-737.