It’s not very long, but just try saying it. (Found in the Dutch section of this page while updating this page. It refers to the apprentice of the guy who makes the keyholes for the locks on the collars of greyhounds. Or whatever: I’m not an expert in Dutch canine bondage products.)

Disappointed Iraqis slam America, part 5876

Says Marwan Issam from his computer games stall in a centre of Sunni terrorism: We have things now we didn’t have before, like the internet, mobile phones and satellite television but the quality is not as good as we expected. And we still don’t have enough electricity. Damn, sounds like Iraq’s caught up with Spain.

Fascist massacre in Barcelona

The French section of Squat.net is brilliant. It’s where you publish stories that reveal even more of the *real* truth than Indymob can take. For example, the neoliberal press claims that Sant Joan, the local midsummer night feast, passed off without trouble. Wrong! Fist informs us that A concert took place in the self-managed park…