Dubbing American diversity

When Latin American characters appear in an American series or film, in Spain the convention is to transform them into speakers of standard peninsular Spanish.


Apart from wondering how small a tsunami has to be to become a mere wave, whether the relative accessibility of trees should not be worked into the stats, and what a pechelingue was doing off Galicia, I was curious as to the origins of Nick’s figure for literacy in Spain–20% in 1606. The 1860 Spanish…

Language blog aggregator

I’m not on my home machine very much, so I’ve banged together a little, slow language blog aggregator to keep me amused.

Beasts of Europe

The word “cat” does not appear once in the proposed European constitution, although there are five “animals.” Here‘s a search tool.


I’ll bet no-one’s going to make jokes about English having become the official language of West Virginia.

Ruy blast

A deformed heap of dwarves
Cuts pourpoints in your coat of king;
And the imperial eagle, which, formerly, under your law,
Covered the whole world of thunder and flame,
Cuit, poor plucked bird, in their infamous pot!