Habemus poppadum

As the people of Africa prepare to give thanks for the life of the misogynistic, homophobic, hissing zombie who saved them from AIDS, some of Calle Carmen’s sharpest minds are said to have spent last night in a Punjabi curry house, planning to raid the remains, pope them in the popmobile, and give the man a neo-Viking send-off.


Aarrgghh! Headlines saying “everyone mourns” etc, which was also said on the anniversary of 11-M, and which was equally untrue then. That day I was on Passeig de Gracia when the official silence was held, and I reckon about 5% of people observed it. In La Case del Llibre the muzak kept on playing.

What really annoys me however are people who call the man a friend of freedom. That’s bollocks. It might have seemed like that in the late 80s (just as Osama did in that period), but as head of marketing for the Vatican the Pope wanted Poles to be Catholic, not free, and the seamless shift from Communism to Catholicism is one reason why Poland is doing less well than it might have.

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