Nitty gritty

I haven’t the faintest idea whether “nitty gritty” originated in the slaveships (“no te grites”, stop moaning? Nope) and thus should be avoided by good folks or whether it’s an American Indian training service, but I did like the following gangster talk: “Noo, man! Mi an di man fos taak boo dat, man, aa sins nait nau mi— Unu gwaan laik se bwai, unu kudn blod-baat gi i man chii ondred dala. Wa mi a se, da unu man da gwaan laik se dem blod-baat rispek di man an, Wen yu kom tu di niti-griti an yu da aks a man fi a dala im kyaan fain–Den B., yuur ?oos bon dong noo, siin?”

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