The 30s’ stupidest songs

The other day I was walking across a field with a very old and pretty conservative farmer when he suddenly started singing The Internationale, which he was made to learn during Communist rule (1936-9). Not to be outdone, I sang a verse of the fascist anthem, Cara al sol, which I learnt in order to have an encore at leftwing gigs where I was confident of a quick getaway. Then he sang a charming little number about Heroes Perishing on the Barricades. Whereupon I suggested hauling a piano into the pensioners’ bar in the village and organising a concert of the stupidest songs people were expected to sing in the 30s, the audience being requested to boo after each contribution. I’ve got various MP3s lying around, but any recommendations would be most welcome. I’d like to programme the concert for the 70th anniversary of the February 1936 elections, which sealed the fate of the Second Republic.

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