I am completely unlike anyone else

That’s what this facial analysis site said to this heavy/ska-period PR shot. This wide awake one on the other hand had it thinking of Alfred Rosenberg, Eddie Murphy and Jane Fonda. This would have been too obvious. (Via whatserface)

Repaint! Repaint! And thin no more!

Cunning punning over at Gay Nazi Sex Vicar. (I once spent an hour listening to a shy Scottish gent with no great enthusiasm for dipthongs or final ts talking about Mozart piano concertos (The peni$ enters here, etc).)

Les Cabanyes

Dunno if the museum idea will work out, but this is good news from Joan Saumell and his people. On this walk.

St George the Nasty

Here‘s St George killing a hermaphrodite Swedish dragon. In Abkhazia they used to celebrate a feast of St George and the Cow. What can one do?

Can I coup my horse here?

PP senator Carlos Benet has said that Pavía entered Congress on a horse (during the 1874 coup), Tejero with a pistol (this is the 1981 coup that failed), while Zapatero arrived by suburban train (the reference is to the Al Qaeda train bombs before the elections two years ago). I don’t think Pavía actually went…