Maxime calls it an anaphoneme. Pig Latin is more complex, but voice confidentiality tool Babble appears to be anaphonemic:

Babble is a desktop device that connects to the telephone and sends the user’s voice out in multiplied and “babbled” form through proprietary speakers arranged in the work area. It achieves confidentiality without distracting the user of the device, and those in the user’s immediate area hear what sounds like an indiscernible, low-volume group conversation.

DeKruif explained that Babble provides true voice confidentiality by rearranging the phonemes of your voice and transmitting, in real time, with your spoken voice.

“In essence, Babble turns you into a small crowd–and changes how other people hear your voice,” he added. “The result is that those outside your workspace cannot understand your actual spoken words.”

Forgive the edit: I found that these paras made more sense jumbled. I hope Herman Miller will soon move on to an unbabble device to be applied to co-workspacers.

(“Bumgalow” is where you park your lazy ass at night, not a typo.)

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