Permanent: ondulació artificial dels cabells que dura molt de temps, sez Pere@Saragatona. I think it would suit Otegi.

Poodle in lamb’s clothing

I don’t know how easy it is to do this kind of thing on stage, although it has obviously been done in real life. I had originally considered using a vaguely Edwardian toy lamb on wheels, but a poodle (or a ferret) sounds more interesting. I guess it depends on the poodle; I guess also…

Teaching grammaticians to suck eggs

I struggle terribly with English, so I feel particular sympathy for the people who wrote, “But never before have we experienced as creative a phase in language as we are now in our age of modern media”, even if they are the authors of the Cambridge Grammar.

Revisionist histories

Josep Maria Fàbregas notes that the remit of the campaign to “recuperate historical memory” doesn’t appear to extend to Radio Liberty, to which Gorbachov listened during the 1991 coup, and which is to be demolished today to make way for the developers. It would be most surprising if it did: in Catalonia, at any rate,…