Two Italian bodybuilders in the gym, one lifting great heaps of metal while the other stands over him and shouts in his ear things like: “STUFF YOUR DICK IN YOUR MOUTH, WHORESON” and “I FACK YOUR MOTHER”. I wonder if the Italian army is like this.

(It is a common misconception that the first hint is characteristic of Southern Europe in general and the Balkans in particular. Not so: for example, I’m pretty sure that this is what enlivens the opening of Mr Shake-you-speare’s fourth Henry:

A thousand of his people butchered;
Upon whose dead corpse there was such misuse,
Such beastly shameless transformation,
By those Welshwomen done as may not be
Without much shame retold or spoken of.

I believe that Iggy Pop even had a couple of ribs removed in order to be able to offer an ante-mortem self-service service.)

(Slightly off-topic, this: there are some good torments here. How would you like to be bitten in the head by a dragon?)

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